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Meet the Co-Founder of South Florida Botox Clinic, Carla Castro

Carla Castro is a Brazilian entrepreneur, beauty expert, and immigrant success story. Residents of Miami Beach know her as the co-founder of Botoplace — South Florida’s hottest new medspa — though many are unaware of the intriguing story that brought her to Miami.

How Brazil kindled Carla Castro’s passion for equality in the beauty industry

Brazil left an indelible mark on Castro’s childhood. She loves the country’s vibrant culture, but is moved by its economic hardships. “Growing up in the middle class, I enjoyed opportunities others did not,” she recalls. “That inequality influenced my work in Brazil as well as my work here in the United States.”

Castro gained her first experience in marketing for several clients in Brazil’s beauty industry. As she helped startups grow into thriving companies, her entrepreneurial spirit flourished. However, when a global lockdown plunged Brazil into an economic downturn, she knew she needed to follow a new dream. She applied for a green card and traveled to the US with a concept to revolutionize the Botox industry.

“Covid was a turning point,” Castro remembers. “I spent two decades building a marketing and PR career in Brazil, but the pandemic changed my trajectory. As a Botox lover, I came to the US determined to create a new niche. A walk-in Botox clinic offering flat rates and premium services was unheard of before I arrived. I saw the opportunity and followed my heart.”

Castro came to Miami with a firm belief that high-quality Botox injections should not only be available in expensive medspas. To make beauty aesthetics accessible to everyone, she envisioned a special clinic without hidden fees. Her dream was to build a place empowering women to feel their best.

“Beauty is knowing who you are, what you can bring to the world, and what the world can offer you,” explains Castro. “In essence, beauty is self-esteem. True beauty comes from within, but sometimes confidence about how we look on the outside ignites our inner beauty. Everyone should be able to look into the mirror and feel beautiful.”

Castro’s new approach to Botox

Alongside her co-founder, Fabiola Lederman, Castro opened the doors of Botoplace in South Florida and created the first-of-its-kind walk-in, Botox-only, flat-fee clinic. During the clinic’s first month, Castro launched the Empower Yourself Project, an initiative that partners with survivors of domestic violence each month to help them increase their confidence and self-esteem, inside and out.

“I wanted a way to give back,” Castro says. “Today, I’m a strong female entrepreneur, but 20 years ago, I cowered to an abusive boyfriend. I’ve been where these women are, and now it is my turn to give back.”

Botoplace is not just a standard medspa — this new clinic facilitates an empowering environment and focuses on building self-esteem. “We show women how to take a new look at themselves and at life,” Castro remarks. “Our mission is to make everyone feel beautiful. Beauty is the kindness, grace, and self-respect that enables you to feel good about yourself. It enables you to love yourself and the people around you. This beauty is powerful, and it should be accessible to everyone.”