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Meet Stinger, The Abandoned Puppy Stung by Thousands of Bees

This deaf-born pit bull mix got stung by thousands of bees after digging in an unfortunate spot on the ground. He was immediately taken to the vet. Unfortunately, that was the last time Stinger saw his owners. After his visit at the clinic, they abandoned the dog.


Despite the Stinger’s incident with the bees, he was severely underweight and it was found out that he has an auto-immune disease called Pemphigus.  Fortunately, a woman, Carri Shipaila who is a founder of the LuvnPupz rescue organization, learned about him and decided to do everything in her power to help this poor puppy.


Thanks to Shipaila, Stinger found a new loving home, although he will need daily medication for the rest of his life, due to his condition.

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