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Meet This Russian Girl Who Makes Beautiful Cat Earrings

Rita is a cat addict. She spent the entire childhood in a small Russian village surrounded with cows, pigs, chickens, dogs and cats. But, Rita was especially bonded to her cats, spending the most of her time talking, looking after and playing with them.

This girl devoted 100% of her life to these felines, and that’s how she started making earrings in the form of cats. Since 2012, she has been focusing on the production of her cat earrings. Every day she sculpts from clay, tries different techniques and perfects her skill. She wants to make the best quality, neat and beautiful earrings.

More info at: Etsy

 1. Black Cat Earrings

2. David Bowie Cat Pop Earrings

3. Purple Cheshire Cat Earring

4. Totoro Cat Earring

5. Pikachu Cat Earring

6. Catbus Earring

7. Cheshire Cat Earring

8. Finn The Human Earring

9. Espion Eevee Evolution Cat Earring

10. Nyanko Sensei Cat Earring

Source: BoredPanda