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Meet MomMed

There is no better period for women than pregnancy. From the moment you do your test and see those two lines on the stick, your life suddenly changes, and you feel overwhelming emotions taking over your body. You become aware that a tiny human is growing in your womb, and you can’t wait for the day when you get to hold that human in your arms.

As days and months go by, the excitement grows, and it’s time to start preparing for the new member of your family. But what to get? Do you need it all? What brand to choose? If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend MomMed. A brand founded in 2017 by an expecting mother who wanted to give strength to women who had a hard time conceiving and help them regain control of their lives.

MomMed, is a brand designed by a mom dedicated to all mothers in the world who are trying to conceive, but also for mothers who are expecting their bundle of joy.

Many wonder how this brand can help women who have difficulties conceiving. MomMed has developed top-quality MomMed ovulation test strips that provide reliable results with more than 99% accuracy. Thanks to this test, every woman will have the right tools to test her ovulation at home without having to visit a specialist. The test is done through urine; the LH urine test is accurate and will give you the peace of mind you need.

The MomMed pregnancy test is another top-selling product. If your period is late, and you don’t want to wait days for a doctor’s appointment, this is the easiest test to use to see whether you are pregnant. The test provides reliable results with over 99% accuracy; you only need a few drops of your urine.

Once that MomMed test shows positive, it’s time to shop for your baby. Is there anything better than shopping for your newborn? Not. A product that each new mom has to have in her home upon the baby’s arrival is the MomMed baby scale. This scale will help you easily track your baby’s weight and see whether it is progressing and gaining weight as it should. MomMed’s scales are all digital and provide high-accuracy measures. The best part is that the scale can be used for babies, infants, adults, pets, and even other small animals.

For breastfeeding mothers, MomMed has designed the top-notch MomMed breast pump. The breast pumps are portable and hand-free, meaning you can pump and do your daily chores at the same time. Your hands will be completely free while the pump is doing its job. They’re not noisy, so your baby can sleep peacefully without being disturbed. All the breast pumps are high-capacity, portable, and BPA- free, so you’ll get a top-quality product that will make your life easier and affordable.

MomMed offers other products such as fever patches, kid’s toys, oximeters, and home products.

MomMed fever patches are some things you must have in your medicinal cabinet. The patches are perfect for sudden fever, first aid cooling down, and even for handovers, headaches, and muscle pain. As you can see, these patches are for the whole family, not only for the smallest members.

The MomMed oximeter is another awesome product everyone must have at home. Knowing your blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate will allow you to better understand what’s happening in your body.

Everyone can benefit from this gadget, a must-have product for athletes, pilots, extreme adventurers, and seniors.

When it comes to home goods, MomMed offers fetal doppler monitors for home use, enabling every expecting mother to hear her baby’s heartbeat. The MomMed forehead thermometers are excellent for measuring your baby’s temperature without any constant. This is also a top-quality product that every mom needs to have.

Mothers with toddlers or bigger kids, don’t worry; MomMed has something for them too. The gorgeous piggy banks in the space of a piggy, soccer ball, and mini ATM will keep your kids entertained while teaching them that saving money can be fun.