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Meet Heidi Moore: Top Oregon Insurance Agent in McMinnville

Heidi Moore has established herself as one of the best people to write your insurance policy, not only in Oregon but also throughout the Pacific Northwest. However, she isn’t just a leading insurance agent — she’s also the host of the “Wine Crush Podcast” as well as a powerful proponent of women in the conventionally male-dominated wine industry.

Heidi Moore

The best agent for insurance in McMinnville

Heidi Moore: McMinnville’s favorite agent

Moore has extensive experience as an insurance agent in the McMinnville community, throughout Yamhill County, across Oregon, and even extending further into the Pacific Northwest. In addition to being able to craft the right life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, or other policy for you, she can also protect your home, business, or farm. 

Indeed, Moore is one of the leading performers at Country Financial Insurance Agency. Whether you are a homeowner or entrepreneur, she has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. In particular, Moore specializes in beverage insurance, ensuring that vineyards, wineries, breweries, distilleries, restaurants, tasting rooms, and other beverage companies get the coverage they need to ensure their future financial security.

The right insurance products for beverage companies

Beverage companies have a large range of insurance needs, as accidents can happen that pour thousands of dollars of wine down the drain. Earthquakes and other natural disasters can strike without warning, and don’t forget litigation — customers, employees, and potential employees can all sue restaurants and other beverage companies, requiring them to hire lawyers to defend themselves.

Effective insurance can protect your company from all these threats and more. For peace of mind, however, finding insurance providers specializing in comprehensive and personalized coverage options is important. Otherwise, gaps in the coverage can occur. 

“Unfortunately, those gaps can reveal themselves at the worst time — precisely when you need to file a claim,” Moore says. “That’s why working with a knowledgeable agent who can assure you’re fully shielded is so important.”

That’s also why Moore has vaulted to such a position of prominence in the beverage insurance industry nationwide. She has the expertise to customize just the insurance solutions you’re looking for.

Host of Oregon’s celebrated Wine Crush Podcast

Moore doesn’t just help beverage companies with insurance coverage but also supports and elevates them through her radio-style show, the “Wine Crush Podcast.” With every episode, she interviews vineyard and winery owners in McMinnville, as well as from Oregon and the surrounding area, giving listeners an inside look into the Pacific Northwest’s premier wine region: the Willamette Valley.

Offering a platform in addition to coverage

“I never planned to start a podcast,” Moore laughs. “I worked primarily on insurance policies for businesses, farms, vehicles, homes, and estates, but then our agency got the chance to open up new lines of insurance for wine and hard cider. That’s when I discovered my passion for wine in particular! The more I learned about this kind of small business insurance, the more I wanted to learn.”

Meanwhile, Moore was in the unique position of meeting many interesting people in McMinnville’s wine and craft beverage business and the local state beverage industry. “Hearing their valuable advice, it occurred to me that other people would love to hear their stories as well, which is how the ‘Wine Crush Podcast’ began,” she says.

Wine Crust Podcast: A vehicle to learn about wine

“To be clear, the podcast is separate from our agency,” Moore explains. “But I love wine, and creating this show has been a great way to build my understanding of wine and talk to small business owners and other leaders in this incredible world.”

In addition, Moore has a particular passion for elevating women in the conventionally male-dominated wine and beverage industry.

Empowering women near McMinnville and beyond

Women have long needed to fight for their place in the wine and beverage industry, which has traditionally been dominated by men. According to Moore, however, more and more women have been entering this domain, starting and leading their own beverage companies. Elevating the voices of these pioneering women has become one of Moore’s priorities for the “Wine Crush Podcast.”

“I love to have women on my show,” Moore says. “It’s important to feel like you fit in, and that’s what my show offers women: visibility and belonging — not just for the women I interview, but also for the women who tune in. It’s incredible to hear these women’s stories of resilience in the face of naysayers and adversity. I really enjoy it, and listeners tell me they do, too.”

In particular, Moore interviews women who were born and raised in or went on to found their own ventures in McMinnville, Yamhill County, the Willamette Valley, or even further afield. “It’s true, sometimes our conversations naturally lead us to talk about liability issues or licenses,” she says, “but for the most part, we focus on the wine. Sometimes, my guests even offer listeners a discount, which is a great way to try their amazing wines!”

For independent insurance in Oregon and near McMinnville, consider Heidi Moore

If you’re looking for the leading insurance in McMinnville or want to learn more about wine, there’s good news — a single source can help with both. To get started, look no further than Heidi Moore.

If you need insurance to reach your financial goals and protect your investments, Moore can evaluate your current coverage, provide new comprehensive coverage, and help you buy a policy that best fits your needs. Don’t waste your money on a general policy that contains holes to surprise you at the worst possible moment. Moore offers free consultations, so there’s no reason not to call today. In addition, her “Wine Crush Podcast” can steer you toward the most delicious, high-quality wines and expert advice on the wine industry.

Support a leading woman in the wine industry who protects and empowers others — tune in to Heidi Moore today to get the latest word on insurance, wine, and women’s accomplishments in the wonderful world of wine.