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Meet CORAL: Bringing Together Luxury and Sustainability

When Bronwyn Leigh Jones was told to “be the change she wished to see in the world,” she really took the statement to heart.

As a single mother, businesswoman, and entrepreneur, she strived to shape her career around causes she’s passionate about, and thus dedicated herself to equality, child welfare, compassion, and sustainability.

Which brings us to CORAL. CORAL started out as a Green consulting firm but has quickly transformed into a firm focused on luxury real estate, sustainable development, wellness lifestyle, luxury goods, and fashion.

In the words of Bronwyn, the organization provides “strategic consulting and business acceleration services to emerging technology innovators, Greentech wellness, and sustainable companies, with a focus on sustainable innovation.”

From working with clients that range from celebrities and entertainment moguls to single mothers who need help finding a suitable home, Bronwyn and the CORAL team take the time to understand what matters most to their clients.

The perception of luxury has evolved over the past five years, one such feature has become increasingly common among luxury home buyers: sustainability & innovation.

Finding a house that is both appealing and environmentally friendly may sound like a daunting task, but growing demands for efficiency and human health have sparked a rise in tastefully designed, sustainable, and healthy homes. As a matter of fact, Bronwyn works with developers to ensure they’re adopting sustainable techniques while developing luxury homes – aligning the real estate process with her big mission of sustainability.

“Some may think that sustainability means a lack of exciting amenities, my goal is to show my clients that sustainability means exciting, healthy, luxurious construction and amenities. Modern Realestate comes in many forms, and in reality, it includes being up to date with technology and fashion”.

Bronwyn and CORAL stand behind the sentiment that without change and adopting sustainable solutions, there won’t be a world where our children can thrive. CORAL is committed to creating a future world that all our children can thrive and be proud of.