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Mattresses: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should I buy hard mattress for back pain?

Answer: Your doctor or general physician can provide you a better knowledge on this. However, according to me, for back pain, mattress should be selected after checking its support level and comfort-ability level. Now, when we talk about, support level, it doesn’t mean firm or soft mattresses.

You choose mattress according to your convenience. Innerspring mattress offers various types of surface material supported by coils. This helps in improving the comfort level of mattresses without compromising on the support level. In fact, foam, latex, and air mattresses can also provide you the same support and comfort level as innerspring mattresses.

Question: Which is the right time to replace my mattress?

Answer: Even if your mattress doesn’t show signs of wear and tear, you body and lifestyle has changed, and that can be a reason to change your mattress as soon as possible. Generally, doctors ask to switch mattresses within 5-7 years.

However, before purchasing a new mattress for your room, you need to understand your body and your preferences, you need be convinced with the decision of replacing your mattress. That’s all what makes the difference!

Question: What mattress and brand is the best?

Answer: There only three to four kind of mattresses – Innerspring, Foam, Air, and water mattresses. Perhaps, there are different brands who provide you different kind of mattresses with special features and notabilities. Your comfort is your personal choice, so it’s difficult to say which brand and type of mattress will suit your preferences.

If you’re really confused with which one to choose, you can either visit a store and judge your comfort level or you can check their genuine reviews online.

Question: What is the proper way to rotate or turn a mattress?

Answer: New mattresses need to be rotated every week for few months and very few months thereafter. In fact, few mattresses are designed as “no-flip” mattresses, eliminating the need of rotating or turning the mattress.

While purchasing mattresses online, you can check its features and rotation policy, but if you’re buying a mattress from a store, you can directly contact the manufacturer or the retailer. Also, we strongly recommend people with severe back problem not to rotate the mattress alone. This can affect the medical condition and worsening the problem.

Question: What should the the exact measurement of each mattress size?

Answer: Throughout the industry, there are some standard mattress sizes and names, for example, Twin, full, king California king, queen, and eastern king. I have mentioned the sizes below:-

  • Single bed (Twin size): 39 inches wide by 74 inches long.
  • Double bed (Full size): 54 inches wide by 74 inches long.
  • Queen size: 60 inches wide by 80 inches long.
  • Western king (California king): 72 inches wide by 74 inches long.
  • Eastern king (KIng size): 76 inches wide by 80 inches long
Question: Should I purchase a mattress online or from a local store?

Answer: Well, I totally depends on you. Some people can only purchase a mattress after looking feeling its material and finish, whereas some people feel comfortable in buying it online after checking the reviews and comparing the prices.

Definitely the salesman pressure is really irritating when purchasing the mattress from a local store. Most commonly, you end up buying the mattress of his choice. Therefore, I personally prefer online shopping.

Question: When is the right time to buy a mattress for my child?

Answer: Children keep growing with their age. You should always remember that in the growing age, you should let your child sleep on a mattress than a crib. As soon as, you child climbs out of the crib, that is the perfect time to switch to a mattress, otherwise, he/she can cause injury to themselves.

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