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Mason’s Italian Luxury Fashion with a Concept Store

Introducing the concept store of Mason’s Italian Luxury fashion, where you can try out some incredibly fine clothing range, all the while enjoying a luxurious experience.

Mason’s – the luxury Italian sportswear brand has been around for quite some time. It was born in 1974, after a trip by its founder Giorgio Martini to South America. Inspired by a series of garments worn by the Columbian liberation army, he set out to design some of the most fascinating resistant wardrobes in ‘Made in Italy’ tradition.

Almost 50 years down the line, the founder of the brand remains at the helm, guiding his sons and peers into continually innovate and enhance the luxury Italian tailoring traditions. The innovation drive also extends to customer experience. As part of that, they have opened a concept store to make luxury products more accessible. They also have an online store that is accessible all around the world.

So, before you hop on to the concept store of Mason’s luxury Italian luxury fashion, let’s find out the characteristics that make it worth having their items in your wardrobe.

Excellent Artisanship in Durable Fabrics.

The excellence of the tailor lies in its ability to challenge the tradition, experiment outside the box, and then, combining the outcome with the fine Italian tradition. In its basics, it’s a casual luxury sportswear brand. In essence, however, it’s a brand that offers comfortable clothes suitable for all casual occasions.

Thanks to the excellent artisanship honed and refined over many years, it’s clothing range offers an unmistakable style that would last for years. The defining characters of its fabrics can be found in its resistance, comfortability, and durability – combined together with expert tailoring.

A Unique Homage to the Italian Lifestyle.

Based in Forte Dei Marmi in Italy, all of Mason’s products took their inspiration from the picturesque Italian region and its incredible heritage. Scrolling through their collection, it’s impossible not to notice all the references to their homeland, whether it’s the lining, the color selections, the overall cut of a jacket or a trouser, etc.

The rugged, military line with jewellery ornamentation and such, on the other hand, takes its inspiration from the 70’s Livorno, Italy. It was when American traders lived there in numbers, adding to the Italian lifestyle and fashion with the authenticity, durability, and versatility of their military garments.

Openness to Embrace the Latest Trends.

An Italian brand that was born out of South American inspiration, it is obvious for Mason’s to be at the forefront of any Italian luxury tailoring. Most of their current collections are made using rugged, breathable, innovative materials such as jersey fabric, but still manages to wow any fashionista with their elegance.

The store itself is a great representation of that, combining the classicism of fresco and statute with modern lacquering and a pinch of irony and fun. It encourages shoppers to take life lightly and enjoy it to the fullest while covering themselves in functional yet stylish draping.