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March Lemon Water Challenge: Drink a Glass of Lemon Water for 31 Days and Experience Huge Body Changes

Take on this March challenge and see the amazing results!

The world famous supporter of healthy living Danette May is challenging you to take on the 31-days water lemon challenge and see the amazing results!


It’s a known fact that lemon is an alkaline food and it has the amazing power to eliminate toxins from your body. This extra healthy challenge will help you maintain a healthy and toxic-free body in just 31 days.

Another great thing about this challenge is that it will help you lose weight since lemon purifies the liver and stimulates the body’s ability to break down fatty cells. The lemon water challenge will speed up your metabolism, will prevent your body from retaining liquids and you’ll feel less bloated.

This challenge will help you become healthier and will make you feel full of energy.

More Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water
  • Hydrates and oxygenates your body.
  • Cleanses and rejuvenates your skin.
  • Reduces mental stress and depression.
  • Controls high blood pressure.
  • Stabilizes the blood sugar.
  • Relieves respiratory problems.
  • Relieves toothache.
  • Reduces fever.
  • Aids in digestion.
  • Helps fight hunger cravings.
The March Challenge

Juice ½ lemon and pour it in a half glass of water. Drink the lemon water right after waking up. Use organic lemons to prepare the lemon water and don’t use cold water. Use lukewarm water or room temperature water.