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Is There a Man in Your Life Who is Difficult to Shop For? Here are Some Gift Ideas

More men than ever before are taking their fashion into their control. If you happen to have a man in your life who enjoys looking their best at all times, or even if you want to nudge him in the right direction, stylish accessories and clothing are the ideal gift idea.

Dress Shirts

All men need to have at least a few pieces of men’s performance clothing in their wardrobe. Believe it or not, this can include dress shirts. Dress shirts no longer need to be dry clean only. With performance dress shirts, you can throw them right into the wash and not even need to worry about ironing them because they are resistant to wrinkles. They are made from comfortable materials too so no need to worry about itchy materials. Finally, they wick moisture away from the body so that you will be able to be in comfort all day long.

Manscara and Guyliner

What? More and more men are wearing makeup now believe it or not. If you have a style-conscious guy in your life, consider getting him a bit of makeup. It doesn’t, and shouldn’t, be anything ostentatious, but a bit of guyliner or manscara might be just the thing. You can even get things like concealer and moisturizer for men that are geared for everyday use for men who need something that is effective, practical, and quick.


One of the great gifts for stylish guys you can get is a wallet. Every man uses wallets, right? You might choose from something sleek and slim like the Super Slim Wallet. This is just what is needed to conveniently and comfortably carry all of the essentials – money, credit cards, and ID. There is nothing less or more to it. This is a good idea for the minimalist man.

You might also choose a wallet with more. The Nomad Wallet comes with a built-in battery and a lightning cable so that your man can charge his phone anywhere and at any time.

Suit PJs

Let your man suit up in comfort for bed. Get him a pair of silky pajamas that are akin to a suit. These are easily seen on the TV show How I Met Your Mother because the character Barney Stinson wears them. These are ideal for the guy who likes to extend all of his sophisticated style into those long nighttime hours.


If your guy is a baseball fan, get him a pair of reclaimed ballpark cufflinks. Then, he will be able to show off his love for the game even at the office. These reclaimed cufflinks are made from salvaged pieces of seating from some of the most beloved stadiums in the country and can be had for less than $200.

Carry on Cocktails

Does your guy take a lot of business trips? Make those flights easier for him with the Carry-on Cocktail Kit by W&P Design. Today’s flights are stressful enough that you need all the help you can possibly get when you are on one. This innovative kit gives you those non – alcoholic ingredients that are necessary to create the ideal Gin & Tonic, Old Fashioned, or even a Moscow Mule even when you are cruising at 39,000 feet in the air. All you need to add is a nip of what you can get from the flight attendant and you will be pouring up a bit of stress relief in no time.

Home Theater System

Bose has become the go-to brand when it comes to audio. Now, you can get the home theater system known as the Lifestyle 650 for the guy who is hard to shop for yet worth spending a bit of dough on. It comes complete with tiny jewel cubed speakers that give this 5.1 system a 360-degree depth to the sound that makes it boom to the point where you won’t believe all that sound is coming from such a tiny package. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi equipped console is topped with glass and is nothing like those bulkier audio systems you see everywhere.