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Mama Abandoned In a Parking Lot With 9 Newborn Puppies, Gets Another Chance In Life

Having a dog is the best thing that can happen to you! Dogs give unconditional love, they’re incredible companions and bring the purest joy to our homes. Unfortunately, not all people treat dogs with love and compassion.

One heartless owner dumped his 5-year old boxer in the parking lot of North Side Baptist Church in Abilene, with her nine, 2- week old puppies. The mama was in a distressed state when a kind soul decided to rescue the poor dog and her babies.

Mistie Boerger of “Paw Angel Animal Rescue” knew she had to help when she saw the photo of the dog and her babies circulating in social media. She and some volunteers from the shelter rushed to the spot to collect the abandoned dogs. They put them in their back seat and drove them to the shelter for a check up. The poor mother was in desperate need of medical attention. Unfortunately, one of the puppies had to be euthanized because it had a tumor in his throat.

After a few days, the little family was healthy and happy. Boerger took the family in her home to foster them while they fully recover.  The dogs have been constantly posted on Facebook by the rescue staff, attracting the attention of many fans.

Thankfully, all the puppies as well as the mother have found loving forever homes, very soon. We are glad the puppies and their mom were lucky enough to be found and rescued on time. Now, there is a great life ahead of them!