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Making the Decision to Become Your Own Boss

If you want to be your own boss and you aren’t quite sure where or how to start, you aren’t alone. In the new economic status of the times we’re living in, more and more people are figuring out their dream job doesn’t exist. Some have decided they’d prefer to create the work they adore and make it so that it meshes with their life goals. Regardless of your motivation to become your own boss, you really can start today.

Identify Your Ideal Business

You need to give yourself the opportunity to explore. Take a close look at a variety of aspects of your life – such as your age, social style, and personality. Listen to your gut. For example, if you enjoy making people feel better, you might want to become a member of the medical field, or even try your hand at massage therapy. You can easily find classes and massage therapy supplies for sale all over the place. You’ll know that a business is the right fit for you when you feel energized while doing it.


One essential step when it comes to being your own boss is figuring out how you’ll pay yourself and how much. You’ll have to know the amount of money that your business needs to make in order to remain operating and also to provide you with wages you can live on. That being said, there are a few online businesses you can get into for little to no money.

Before you begin decorating your shiny new home office, take the time to sit down with your calculator and financial records. You need to consider things like your personal finances as well as the estimated financial situation for the business you want to start. Answer the following questions:

• How much will it take to get started?
• How much will it take to remain in operation?
• What sort of profit will be possible and how long will it take to make that profit?

The answers to those questions will allow you to see if your business idea is viable financially.

Know Your Target Audience

This is critical to do before you even spend one single red penny. You need to know whether or not people will actually purchase your services or products. This might well be the most critical thing you can do before starting a business. This is easily done by validating your market. In laymen’s terms, aside from your family and friends, who will purchase your services or products? Don’t just assume that everyone will want them because they won’t. Determine the size of your target market. Who will your customers be? Is the service or product you’re offering relevant to your target market’s life and why would they need it?

Once you have these things worked out and you’re satisfied that the business has a chance of becoming successful, then and only then should you begin spending money to get it off the ground. Good luck!