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Make Your Lashes Look Extra Long by Using Cotton

To get the perfectly long lashes, all you need is mascara and some cotton! Yes, you’re reading right – cotton.

Many experts claim that more layers of mascara can make your lashes look longer. Unfortunately, applying too many layers will make you end up looking like a hot mess.

It’s time to stop listening to all advices you’ve heard before because there’s only one thing that can help you get the perfectly long lashes.

This phenomenal trick comes from the world famous beauty blogger Huda. Huda shared her incredible trick on her YouTube channel to help women get the lashes of their dreams.

All you need to do is apply a layer of mascara. Grab some cotton, dip it into an old mascara wand.


Use that mascara wand to go over your lashes. Apply another coat of mascara and you’re finished!


Take a look at Huda’s video!