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Make the Most of Streaming TV: How and What to Watch in 2018

Watching TV is one of the most popular types of everyday entertainment and it has been this way since the invention of television. However, as technology progresses, it changes everything and today streaming TV has beaten the well-loved cable in popularity (PewResearch Center). Its main advantage is that it allows you to enjoy amazing shows, movies, and programs anytime and anywhere. Of course, there are certain restrictions, but you can easily overcome them if you use the right tools, suhttps://www.womendailymagazine.com/make-streaming-tv-watch-2018/ch as a VPN.

Why VPN Is Best for Breaking Geoblocks on Streaming TV

Streaming TV operators of today use geoblocks to literally ‘lock’ their content from all viewers located outside of a specified territory. It’s an understandable precaution that helps companies protect their business. However, as a user of this service, you definitely shouldn’t settle for being locked away from your favorite shows and channels only because you are abroad.

Installing a VPN (virtual private network) app is the easiest, cheapest, and most efficient way to solve this problem. These programs effectively ‘trick’ the geolocks by rerouting your traffic through servers in an ‘approved’ country. The streaming service believes you are located within their covered area and therefore entitled to all their broadcasts.

VPN apps are the easiest to use as even non-tech-savvy people can use them with ease. You only need to install this program and click a few buttons choosing the location you need. The software will do the rest. Note that there are many VPN apps and not all of them are equally efficient and reliable. When choosing which to use, be sure to check user reviews and the description of the app itself. A good program will have a simple and intuitive interface as well as offer numerous perks.

SwitchVPN for example will not only help you enjoy streaming TV no matter where you are but also protect you from hackers and increase the safety of using public WiFi networks. The app offers this protection because it encrypts the traffic it later reroutes through a different server. Considering that all public networks have an inherent vulnerability, using a VPN while connected to them is a smart move regardless of whether you want to access geo-locked content or not. It’s a great helper for any traveler who has to use unprotected WiFi networks in airports, hotels, cafes, etc.

What Can You Watch When Using a Streaming VPN App?

A VPN makes your location irrelevant, so basically you can enjoy all kinds of streaming TV. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy content on your native language, or the one you are currently studying. The latter option is a great help for all language learners as watching local TV is one of the more effective methods of expanding your vocabulary.

The most popular streaming TV services that you can access from abroad with the help of a VPN are:

  • Netflix.
    The best streaming service of today, Netflix offers such diverse top-quality content that everyone can find something they enjoy. Netflix shows are winners of numerous awards and cater to all age groups. However, no less important perks of this service are a very efficient system of recommendation and simple interface. Do note that titles don’t stay up available for long there, so using a VPN might be your only chance to catch some favorites.
  • Hulu.
    Second only to Netflix, Hulu today is the king of TV shows. Programs available here are versatile, original, and fun for everyone. The fact that Hulu is also much cheaper than Netflix is another advantage. On the downside, if you choose this streaming service, you won’t be able to avoid numerous commercials.
  • Amazon.
    Completing the list of three ultimate streaming TV services of today, Amazon Video is also versatile, original, and requires the use of VPN as titles here disappear very fast. Therefore, you might not be able to watch the missed episodes after your trip. The problem with Amazon is that despite its original content being amazing, it doesn’t come out all that often.

While sports channels usually don’t make the list of top streaming TV services, they are very much loved by the fans. And with the help of a VPN, they will be available to you as well, so you won’t have to miss any of the interesting games or matches.

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