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Lynx From a Zoo in Russia Adopts Four Kittens

Everyone says that maternal instinct comes naturally and this lynx is the proof that the rule applies in the animal world too.

Meet Alyona. She’s a 1.5-year old lynx that’s born to be a mother. She lives in the Irkutsk zoo in Russia and now takes care of 4 little kittens. She’s the perfect mother! She takes care of the kittens, feeds them and even grooms them like they’re her own. This isn’t the first time Alyona has taken the role of a mother. She has previously taken care of 5 puppies and 2 bear cubs. She just loves being a mom and we hope that one day she’ll experience the joy of having her own cubs!

Take a look at the incredible Alyona and her 4 kittens!