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Luxury Feature to Add to Your Existing Swimming Pool

The backyard pool is one of the best places to host a memorable family event; or just any other occasion. It is the center of all your outdoor activities. It can be a place for you to relax, to exercise or for recreational purposes. From holding fun pool parties to basking in the sun, your backyard swimming pool is your best bet to having an awesome place to hang out.

There are ways you could make your swimming pool an avenue that provides the ultimate fun experience for you and your loved ones. With some little enhancements to your existing natural pool, you could make the most out of your free time a have more special moments.

Below are some of the stunning new features you could add to your swimming pool

  • Light features

Adding lights to your pool will add that extra oomph that will make your family and friends extend their swimming time into the evening or even late into the night.

If you are working on a budget, a simple exercise such as installing white LED lights, can give your pool an amazing lighting effect. Also, if you are using regular lights, upgrading to LED lighting will add that much-needed sparkle. These lights can be placed around the pool, inside the pool, or in both places; it all depends on your preference.

For more elaborate lighting, consider the installation of color-changing lights that will bathe your backyard with lovely color. For those that want a more lavish experience, having a light controller that simplifies operation and helps in the customization of lighting effects is a splendid idea. For example, you could have flashy fun lighting when the kids are out in the pool and soft illuminating lighting that brings a romantic vibe when out with your significant other.

  • Water features

If your family and friends are used to your boring pool, water features are the perfect way to surprise and delight them. Water features will, most definitely, add excitement to your backyard pool.

In addition, the sound of moving water can be the best way to relax and calm your nerves after a long day at work.

A few examples of water features you could install include deck jets, waterfalls, and bubblers. For example, deck jets bring elegance into the pool. Their best attribute is that the direction in which the water flows are simple to adjust.

  • Fire features

Fire intrigues some form of visual drama to your backyard. It is a great option for people who love to be outside after dark. A built-in outdoor fireplace or fire pit should also be considered for purposes of keeping warm at night.

This is, however, not the best option if you have small children who love the pool.

  • Speed pumps

Investing in a variable pump is the best way to give your pool the right amount of power. Additionally, you need not worry about noise. They are quiet and besides, enhances the pool’s filtration. Together with the lighting and water features, the variable speed pump is a great addition to ensuring a better pool experience.