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Lukewarm Water is an Effective Remedy to Treat All of Your Health Problems

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a choice that is relatively cheaper than the treatment of a certain disease. The cost of effective medication, doctor consultation, hospitalization, and so on, has skyrocketed in these last few years. However, a cheap, but healthy lifestyle is completely doable, if one follows some basic paths in life. Having to spend hard-earned money on medical conditions is not very satisfying. You’d rather spend it on something you love, along with leading a fit and healthy life.

A few core lifestyle changes can do us a lot of good. They are not even difficult to incorporate into the routine. The most basic, but useful change one can make is shifting from drinking cold water to lukewarm water. Cold water or cold drinks have been proven to be harmful to the human body. They affect the cardiac arteries and veins due to depositions that cold water facilitates. Heart attacks have also been linked to cold drinks for a long time now. Even the prolonged effect of cold water on the inner lining of the stomach can be dangerous, leading to cancerous tendencies. It can also be a contributor to liver damage, as many people getting liver transplants have been found to be drinking cold water.

A certain post on Facebook revealed how some Japanese doctors had researched into the domain of water as a medicinal facilitator, bringing to light the many benefits of lukewarm water to the human body. Replacing cold water with lukewarm water can be extremely beneficial to health, especially if had in the morning before breakfast in ample amounts, preferably two glasses.

Lukewarm water helps to facilitate the cure of these following problems of the body:

Low/high BP, epilepsy, migraine, joint aches, heart rate issues, nasal congestion, gout, increased cholesterol levels, blocked arteries, bowel movement problems, loss of appetite, headaches, body destruction, constipation, asthma, problems of eyes, ears, and throat, urinary tract infections, and problems of the uterus.

The following list gives a tentative time of effect of lukewarm water that shall aid your problems:
  • Asthma – 4 months
  • Cholesterol – 4 months
  • Cardiovascular problems – 30 days
  • Ears, eyes, and throat – 10 days
  • Hindrance in sexual activity – 10 days
  • Cancer – 9 months
  • Blood pressure – 30 days
  • Paralysis or epilepsy – 9 months
  • Migraine – 3 days
  • Gastric problems – 10 days
  • Blocked arteries – 8 months
  • Pre/post-natal problems – 10-15 days

Other than these serious illnesses that lukewarm water helps with, it also helps in weight loss. The warm water heats up the insides of our body, increasing metabolism. It also helps clean the inner linings of the stomach to prevent unnecessary depositions or bloating from taking place.

Lukewarm water also aids swallowing for people whose esophagus don’t really transfer of food into the stomach smoothly. The condition is called Achalasia. It also calms the central nervous system relieving you from stress and anxiety.

Thus, we see that lukewarm water is actually this versatile home remedy for most problems. Most of us are unaware of the numerous benefits that it provides. Through this article, we hope we’ve shown you the same. However, make sure you’re not drinking a lot of hot water, because that could be harmful. Anything done without moderation can turn out to be bad for your health, even the very helpful lukewarm water.

Good health!