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Love the outdoors? Don’t forget your Pee Funnel

What is the one thing that every woman dreads when they go hiking? Undoubtedly, men have an advantage over women when it comes to answering nature’s call in the wild. Well, there must be some way in which women can safely pee out in the wild without having to sacrifice their dignity, right?

FUD’s or Female Urination Device comes to the rescue of every woman hiker in question. The Pee Funnel is exactly what it sounds like; a funnel like device made of plastic or silicone with a long tube attached to the end of it. This device allows every woman to pee like a man; standing up!

Pee Funnels come in a range of different sizes, shapes and colors (in case you are picky about having your FUD in your favorite color!). These devices are portable, convenient, easy to clean and (mostly) spill proof. So what are the main benefits of owning a pee funnel, and why do many users recommend it?

  1. They are portable, lightweight, and easy to carry along with you anywhere you go
  2. It is a safe and hygienic way to pee, whether you are looking to relive yourself in the middle of a desert, on a hiking trip, while camping, or even just in a porta potty. The female urination device does not allow your body to actually come in contact with the pot, or the ground, which can help you avoid a lot of infections that can occur from peeing in public places.
  3. Different varieties of pee funnels are available, such as disposable ones, non disposable ones, reusable ones, plastic, silicone, and even cardboard.
  4. There can be many difficult situations when you are on a hiking trail or just out camping, and you are unable to relieve yourself in a safe and proper manner. Unfortunately, for women, peeing standing up is not really an option due to basic biology, and also because it can get really messy. The pee funnel lets you do just that! Pee standing up like a man, without any unnecessary leakage or spillage.
  5. Once you have finished relieving yourself, you can simply place the pee funnel back in your bag and continue along the rest of your journey! The material of the pee funnel is spill proof and also fast drying, so you don’t really need to worry about your pee getting everywhere else in your bag! The pee funnel is reusable, so you can just wash it off and use it again when you need to.
  6. You don’t need to worry about ruining your clothes or your shoes in fact. The pee funnel has a long tube attached to it so you can direct your pee away from your body, saving your clothes and shoes!
  7. Finally, the pee funnel does much more than just serving a practical solution to reliving yourself in public. You don’t have to worry about being caught in public in an awkward position ever again.
  8. They are eco friendly and cheap.

Some tips when using a pee funnel

  • It is always better to not pee against the wind; you never know what accidents might occur!
  • Opt for the reusable pee funnels over the use and throw ones as they are more economical
  • When choosing a pee funnel, opt for the ones with a longer funnel than the shorter ones, as the shorter ones tend to risk the pee falling all over your shoes or your clothes.
  • The sturdy, plastic models are always a better option than the soft, silicone ones which can cause a lot of spillage or leakage.
  • It is important to keep a slow and steady stream of pee, otherwise you do run the risk of over spilling your pee funnel! Now that is something no one wants to experience!
  • The angling is extremely important. So instead of pulling down your underwear, you can simply push them to one side instead. This will give you a better peeing angle.

The pee funnel was invented as a last resort for women who might find it extremely difficult to relieve themselves in public, especially when they are out on camping or hiking trips. The pee funnel is created of eco friendly and safe materials, and they are extremely affordable as well.

There are dozens of different models, sizes and shapes that you can choose from to pick one which really suits you best.

You can always find out more information about the pee funnel online and choose a model which would be best for you. While being a woman might have its own set of perks and privileges, peeing in public is definitely not one of them! The pee funnel helps you relive yourself in public, without facing the risk of sacrificing your dignity while doing so! They are extremely convenient and easy to use as well.

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