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Lopi Premium Linear Gas Fireplaces in Focus

A gas fireplace is a heating solution that uses natural gas or propane as its source of fuel. Among other home heating options, it is highly ranked because of its high energy efficacy. The fireplaces remain outstanding because of their unique fittings such as lights under the glass floor, adjustable levels for fans, flame and lights, protective safety screen, and twin 90 CFM blowers. Below is an in-depth analysis of the wide variety of Lopi premium gas fireplace models.

Gas fireplaces models

·       Lopi 3615 HO GS2

This is the most miniature model of the Lopi gas fireplace, making it applicable for heating small spaces. It has a ceramic glass of 850mm wide dimension, which offers uniform heat distribution around the room. Notably, it has less gas input of 35Mj per hour because of its small size.

·       Lopi 4415 HO GS2

This model of the Lopi gas fireplace combines its high output heating solutions with an aesthetic design. Its long row of dancing flames adds beauty and a touch of elegance to the space. Additionally, the lighting from its translucent glass floor makes the fireplace even more appealing as you keep warm.

·       Lopi 4415 ST HO GS2

This is an improvement of the Lopi 4415 HO GS2. It is fitted with two blowers, which ensure even heat distribution when directed to both sides of the fireplace. It is estimated to heat approximately 185 square meters of space with ease.

·       Lopi 6015 HO GS2

It is the largest model of the Lopi fireplaces. Due to its large size, it has a high output of heating up to 260 square meters of the room. The large 1.5m flames can also characterise this model under light glass.

Reasons why you should own a Lopi gas fireplace

·       Added ambience to your space

Fireplaces are essential in adding an elegant style to your interior design. It is, therefore, necessary to find the right choice of fireplace that either matches or complements the current interior design. Gas fireplaces come in varying designs and styles. As a result, it makes it easy to choose one depending on the style of the space. Additionally, the design of the fireplace should add an edgy feel to the interior decor. The artificial crackling sound fitted in the fireplace gives a therapeutic and relaxing feeling during cold nights.

·       Provides an amazing scent

With improvement in the industry, gas fireplaces can now be fitted with the traditional scent of wood burning. This might help set a relaxing mood to watch a movie, read a book, or even catch up with friends and family. Additionally, it gives a therapeutic experience by watching the glowing logs and artificial sounds of flickering flames. This creates a cosy environment during the cold season.

·       Adds value to your home

If you consider selling your home at some point, how about adding some features that will contribute to its resale value. Therefore, you can never go wrong with installing a fireplace. Research shows that close to 46% of home buyers purchase homes with fireplaces. Further research shows that a fireplace adds approximately 12% to the home’s current value. With this statistics, you can be sure that your home will be highly marketable with a well-designed fireplace in place.

·       Improves your home heating efficiency

Besides the fireplaces being a heating solution during the cold weather, it also has some financial benefits. By strategically placing your fireplace, it can help save a fortune in energy bills. Consider placing the fireplace at a central place to distribute uniformly to all areas of the room. Moreover, practising zone heating minimises energy wastage. This is done by lowering the fireplace’s temperature and only heating the main living areas. To save on costs, check on the proper functioning of the damper. This is the component that is responsible for preventing heat from leaking, therefore minimising energy wastage.


Other heating solutions cannot match the four models of premium Lopi gas fireplace. They have remarkable features that improve their heat efficiency hence making them the right home heating option. Also, based on all the above reasons, a fireplace is an investment that you should be willing to take. Not only does it give a sleek design to your house, but it also adds value and gives you a warm and cosy environment. However, when purchasing a fireplace, be cautious about your safety. Consider getting an appliance equipped with the necessary safety measures to reduce the possibility of a fire outbreak. Additionally, there are a few steps to take and contribute to your safety by doing scheduled maintenance on the appliance and thorough cleaning. Regular repair and maintenance will go a long way to ensure the fireplace is safely running.