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Looking Fashionable In And Outside The Gym: A Guide To Couple Sportswear

Psychologists say that physical fitness can benefit not only your own health and well-being but your romantic relationship too. It is already an established science that physical challenge or activity leaves you feeling more satisfied, so it is quite reasonable for these feelings to reflect on your relationship. Moreover, recent studies suggest that exercising together with your partner will increase your emotional bond and improve the efficiency of your workouts. All good reasons to clear your calendars and hit the gym along with your loved one. And, since what was once a private bond with your own pain has become a social space, it is also essential for both of you to look good and fashionable even when swimming in your own sweat.

So, to inspire you to get you back in shape, we share with you a few tips and outfits on how to look fashionable at the gym (and the street for that matter) as a couple.

Invest In Clothes That Can Be Worn From The Gym To The Street

Working out requires comfort and fit. Thus this should be the first thing you focus on when you choose your workout clothes. However, since you also want to look good while you exercise,  choose men’s streetwear or sportswear that is fashionable and can be worn from the gym to the street. For example, choose a crew neck jumper or throw-on-and-go hoodie in a neutral color that will wash thoroughly and looks just as good in the coffee shop as it does in the weight room. And though for some it might seem odd, shopping in the men’s department can give the ladies more options. Imagine comfy, oversized fit of a jacket layered over a pair of workout leggings. Why not? Tons of classic sportswear jackets read unisex too. On top of it, since wearing an athleticwear all day is more than fashionably acceptable, invest in good leggings that you can wear outside of the gym combined with a longer coat and a scarf.

What you wear can significantly impact the success of your workout. For this reason, you need to tailor your attire to the specific activity. For instance, for general exercises, it is best to wear something that fits you well, does not restrict your movements, and keeps you fresh. Choose the right workout clothes by considering the fabric, fit, and comfort.

Also, if you want to look fashionable while you workout, you should also carefully choose the colors of your outfits. With everything that is on the market, it is clear that sports brands have a preference in neon colors. However, we advise you to try sticking to neutrals. If all your workout gear is white, black or grey (naturally neon color details on it can look very stylish), it all matches. Style experts say that black is ideal for a workout in the gym since hides sweat patches and looks good on anyone. Truth be told, this way, you will have one less excuse not to hit the weights. But if your activity is an outdoor one, feel free also to choose light colors.

Trainers (Sports Shoes & Socks)

Invest in trainers taking into consideration your feet and planned activities.  The first thing to look at a good pair of sports shoes is to be designed specifically for the workout you have chosen. This could make the difference between completing your exercise session comfortably and quitting due to pain. Experts say that you should always check the weight of the shoes, making sure it is suitable according to your feet. For example, a light trainer is meant more for indoor training, like exercising in the gym, and a more cushioning trainer that has a better grip is intended for outdoor running.  And since blur the line between the locker room and your everyday wardrobe, choosing trendy and fashionable sports shoes give you a ton of ways to look stylish before, during, and after training.

Sweaty, wet, or ill-fitting socks can not only ruin a good workout session but are also always out of fashion. Thus, the best workout socks are comfortable ones. Look for socks that sit securely on your foot and are made with breathable performance fabrics that wick away moisture. And as with sports shoes, be sure to choose the ones that are specifically designed to support the kind of physical activity you are undertaking.

The Most Fashionable Fitness Gadget

Fitness trackers are great motivators that can hold you accountable to your activity levels, or lack thereof, throughout the day. These fashionable fitness gadgets provide you with a means to efficiently and accurately monitor your daily activities. Today’s market has many compelling fitness trackers, most of which work very well when it comes to basic tracking, so if you want to catch the modern trends, choose a fitness tracker that complements your style even out of the gym.

A Bag That Works In & Out Of The Gym

With the enduring popularity of sportswear right now, there also come a diverse offering of gym bags. And, since they are not used just for the gym anymore, before buying one, consider the possible uses and frequency of need. Choose stylish one that will match your style in and out of the gym, but pay attention to the material, size, and compartments. Gym bags come in a variety of materials: polyester, nylon, leather, canvas, and vinyl. Choosing the right material is a matter of personal preference. When it comes to the size of your gym bag, be sure to plan in advance what items you want to carry in your bag – gym shoes, workout clothes, shower items, water bottle, essential workout gear, etc. Also, size is crucial since you want to be able to store it easily. And the beautiful thing about compartments is that you can keep your workout gear and other items neatly organized. Also, decide whether the bag will fit in with your type of exercise (whether it’s swimming, running, weightlifting, or other activities) and lifestyle. Lastly, stick to muted shades – they go with everything in your wardrobe.