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What to Look out For When it Comes to Elegant Tattoos

As the title suggests, I am going to discuss about elegant and refined body art, tattoo bit of it. If you would agree with me, the tattoo craze is rampant everywhere in The World and everyone is talking about it. Everyone wants to give it a try but some end up doing it the wrong way. As we all know, the whole procedure is not for the faint hearted. No pain, no gain. My focus is on the permanent tattoos which means your life changes forever and for the better. I have some interesting tattoo ideas for all of us in the information below. Also check this site for forearm tattoo ideas.


  1. The Ladies

If you all would admit it, you spend hours on the mirror doing your make up routine and I am sure it has been always your wish that this routine would only take minutes. That is why the tattoo professionals are here to make that wish come true.

Eye brow tattoo

This one is less painful that the other tattoos. Consult a professional to have it done for you or else you resemble The Angry Birds’ brows. The healing process is less if you follow the instructions given to you by the consultant. Be sure to wear something that downplays your forehead to avoid endless stares at the streets. I also hear blinking is a problem?

Lip Tattoo

Ladies it’s time you say Goodbye to that routine of applying lipstick ten times in a day. Remember how you eat like robot so that you do not scrape off your lipstick? Those are the troubles lip tattoo will resolve for you. The procedure is quite painful and the healing process takes longer than the eyebrow tattoo but the results are amazing. Be sure to have a detailed explanation to your partner because your lips will not be in use for the next ten days. I suggest you do it in written form since orally might hurt your healing lips.

Feminine Tattoo

Every woman wants to look feminine and a feminine tattoo will help you in expressing your feminine side. A butterfly tattoo will do the trick by keeping it simple yet sophisticated. It symbolizes the nature of a butterfly, pretty to see but hard to catch which is also a female trait. Please do not over do it by getting so many tattoos as it loses the whole meaning and authenticity. I think one tattoo is enough and also remember to nurse it as directed.

  1. The Gentlemen

For the men since makeup is a trivial issue. I think dwelling more on their masculine side is the way to go. Every man out there wants to appear manly because this is a trait that will attract a potential mate. I have two tattoo ideas which are: The Lion, King of The Jungle and The Bull. The two creatures symbolize power, strength, dominance and protection which are masculine traits.

Make sure to get one of these elegant, refined tattoos today, it’s the only way you will end with a piece of art on your body that you will forever cherish. Also if you love games , check azir counter.