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Look After Yourself in Liverpool

Experience and wellbeing often go hand in hand. Activities such as hiking, cycling, yoga, or even an afternoon coffee support a relaxed and happy life. During our busy lives it is easy to forget, not only to spend time on ourselves but also to explore the city we live in! It’s important not to lose track of time and become stressed. In a city such as Liverpool, there’s so much to help you relax and, even though it’s one of the most eventful cities in the country, there’s plenty to help you take time out of your day to unwind.

Liverpool is surprisingly close to a number of tranquil and beautiful areas. Being on the water, there are plenty of opportunities to take long walks on the beaches, most notably Thurstaston beach, which allows you to sit in the sand and look across the sea to northern Wales. The beach itself is also a part of the Wirral, which is a very popular destination for hiking. Whether you are interested in the great views of a coastal walk or an intriguing exploration of local history, then there’s something for you. Even the ferry trip across the Mersey go as far back as 1105! There’s plenty of trails and paths (some along old railway tracks) that will allow you to take a relaxing walk out of the city and catch up with nature.

If you’re looking for something rich in arts and cultural then the city centre has some of the best venues for it. The Tate Liverpool showcases contemporary British and international art and is situated right on the waterfront. Nearby is FACT or the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology where you can spend the afternoon watching everything from brilliant classics to thought-provoking modern films.

For something a little more physical, Liverpool has a number of yoga studios, including the Yoga Hub, which offers Hot Yoga to help you fully cleanse! If you really want to get your blood pumping, there are a range of sports centres that offer everything from swimming pools to fitness classes. Alternatively, if you want to feel totally relaxed and luxurious, you could always destress by enjoying a massage. Local spots for all types of massage can be found if you click here.

Walking in nature or working out might leave you hungry, and fortunately there are numerous spots for a quiet, even romantic meal. Wheeler’s of St. James’ on Kings Dock is a fantastic fine dining experience. Or, if you prefer something more casual, you could stroll to Lunya for simple but tasty tapas. If you’re simply looking to take an hour out of the day to avoid the bustle of the city, then you can duck into Bold Street Coffee or Filter + Fox for a delicious espresso.

Sometimes it’s easy, not only to forget to de-stress, but also to keep exploring the city. Even if we know it quite well, there’s always something new to discover. Whatever it is that helps you relax, there’s certainly an option in Liverpool.