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How Long You Need to Stay At Home After Washing Your Hair?

“You just took a bath. Don’t leave the house with a wet hair”- How many times you’ve heard this from your mothers and grandmothers? Were they right? Is this only a myth?

Scientists reveal that leaving the house right after taking a bath can cause serious consequences, such as terrible headaches.


Blow drying your hair before leaving the house won’t work! Have in mind that although your hair is dry, your hair follicles are still moist.

A few hours after washing your hair, the pores on your head are still open and therefore exposed to many hazardous influences. In this case, wind is one of your worst enemies.

Going out right after washing your hair can cause headaches, colds and sinus inflammation.

If you blow dry your hair, stay at least 1-2 hours at home. If you let your hair naturally dry, you need to hold still for 5-6 hours.

Our intention isn’t to scare you, just to warn you for the next time you decide to leave the house with a wet hair!