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The Living Lifehack – Simple Solutions to Life’s Sticky Situations

We’re always aiming to streamline or simplify everyday situations around the house.

Odd jobs or simple day-to-day tasks can sometimes take up the majority of your free time if you don’t know the best way to tackle them.

But fear not, we spoke to Whizz, Melbourne end of lease cleaners, to find out some extremely simple solutions to life’s sticky situations.

Untidy Laundry Room

Having a family often means a never ending cycle of laundry. This can leave your laundry room looking like unorganised chaos. To keep everything tidy and free up valuable space invest in a number of laundry baskets and build a very simple dresser to store them in.

A large wooden box with purpose built drawers or shelves can work wonders when trying to keep everything organised in between washes. This DIY laundry dresser can also be painted to match your laundry room and is a great place to store all your empty laundry baskets when they’re not in use.

Image Source: http://www.ana-white.com/2010/11/laundry-basket-dresser
Organising your spices/ingredients

Small jars of spices or other types of ingredients can be a pain to keep tidy and organised. Spice racks can take up counter or wall space that you may not have, and storing them in your pantry or cupboard can make it difficult to easily locate what you’re looking for. To save time and space store your spices and dry ingredients in shower caddy and hang it on the inside of a cupboard or pantry door. Shower caddies are also excellent for storing anything and everything around the home such as cleaning products in the laundry room.

Image Source: http://lifehacker.com/an-adhesive-hook-should-do-the-trick-like-these-guys-493120025
Customised Keys

This next hack is for those who have a number of identical-looking keys and want a way to differentiate them quickly and easily. Use nail polish to paint your keys different colours. Using glittery nail polish or polish that is highly saturated works best and tends to stay longer. Say goodbye to all that time wasted trying multiple keys and get it right first time.

Image Source: http://jewelpie.com/colour-code-your-keys-with-nail-polish/
Never lose your bedside chargers again

Most of us tend to use our bedside cabinets as a charging station.

To stop the end of your charger from migrating underneath your bed, simply clip a binder clip on the side of your bedside cabinet. This way your charger stays put giving you easy access. This is also a great hack if you have a number of cables and want a cheap and easy way to keep them organised and tangle-free.

Image Source: http://diyhshp.blogspot.com.au/2011/12/did-you-know-round-two.html
DIY Hanging phone charger

If you tend to charge your electronics in multiple power points around the home, or do not have space on your bedside cabinet we have an alternative hack that should solve your problem. Use an empty plastic shampoo bottle or anything you may have lying around the house to create a hanging phone charger.

Flat bottles tend to look the best as they are less bulky

Using your phone as a guide, cut the bottle so that it is taller enough to house your phone and leave the back of the bottle longer than the front. Then cut out a square shape big enough for a power socket into the upper back part of the bottle. When you’re finished, cover the hanger with spray paint or anything you so wish. This DIY hanger is the perfect way to keep your charger cable and phone tucked away without wires being on display.

Image Source: http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2011/12/holder-for-charging-cell-phone-made-from-lotion-bottle.html

We hope that the above life hacks will make your day-to-day life a little bit easier.

With a bit of creative thinking, you can think up a whole host of solutions to sticky situations around the home.