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Is Limitless Pill Real?

Bradley Cooper’s movie; “Limitless”, gave birth to the name “limitless pills”. These are drugs that boost one’s cognitive power which will not only boost one’s ability to think but empower the person to turn one’s dream life into reality. A fiction film like this addresses everyone’s desire to be smarter and become better than what they are now.

Cooper plays the role of “Eddie Mora” who experiences writer’s block. His neural potential was unlocked when he came across a less than legal drug; the NZT. He did not only finish a stalled novel but he nailed it on the stock market. Taking NZT is more than just taking Adderall to improve focus or drinking a glass of caffeine to skyrocket one’s creativity channel.  It does more than what any human being can imagine.

Myths say that we are only using 10% of our brain(mensreviewzone.com/real-nzt-48-pill). But psychologist Paula Caplan claims otherwise. She said that no one can really tell how much of your brain is being used. That no one can quantify the use of one’s brain according to percentage. But does this mean you can unlock some grey matter in your brain and become smarter?

A lot of people want to go for a short cut. Hence, they resort to prescription drugs that cause mood altering effects. They feel that taking a psychoactive drug will help them feel better. In general, pills are seen as quick fix to solve any pressing problems. And though there are activities that will improve one’s performance like psychotherapy, many will still choose to take a pill and do away with the long process of dealing with their problem. However, this may not save the person from the pill’s far reaching negative effects as well.

Real Life Drugs vs. NZT

So, does the limitless pill exist? The answer is; it remains fictional but there are similar drugs that somehow have some of its effects. These are those drugs that augment the person’s concentration and prevent distraction. Once these drugs are taken, more information sinks in. You need to know that focus and distraction exist in opposite continuum. And the amount of stimulant drug to be taken will depend where the person stands in that continuum. Hence, the doctor will decide what medication to give and assess if the person is closer to the focusing end or to the distraction side. However, once the drug wears off, rebound effects can possibly happen. The problem can even get worse, especially when doctors and patients’ assumption for the need of more drugs was mistaken.

Options other than drugs

If you think that your body will function better without taking any drugs, you can turn to natural ways to boost your cognitive power. Relaxing activities can help. And activities like swimming and walking will always make a difference in your mental health. Your diet also plays an integral part.  Negative moods result from low level of certain vitamin B. Foods that trigger sudden increase and decrease in your blood sugar level will also affect the way you think. Memory exercises can help too.

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