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Few Like-No-Other Techniques to Solve Dry Eye Naturally

Dry, itchy eyes, or sometimes called as “Dry Eye Syndrome” is the most common complaint that ophthalmologist often hears from the patients. Dry eyes usually occur when the lacrimal duct does not produce enough tears to lubricate your eyes. As the days pass by, the condition becomes more uncomfortable and painful as well.

There are various medical as well as environmental factors that can lead to the causing Itchy Eye Syndrome. There are different medicines available at Boots which are manufactured naturally and will help you to get rid of Dry Eyes.

Dry eye is a disease, so a variety of treatment approaches are used. There are many mild or severe instances of dry and itchy eyes. So if you want to avoid this situation naturally, then have a look at the detailed report for the same.

Causes of Dry Eyes:

LASIK Surgery

Disruption of tear production process also known as aqueous tear deficient eye causes when the lacrimal glands are not able to produce enough tear fluids. Sometimes, the LASIK Surgery temporarily disrupts the tear film and its working. During the LASIK Surgery, approximately 60%-70% of the superficial nerves are cut. As a result, it affects both the dryness along with the less production of aqueous tears. Eventually, this situation will heal itself.

Tear evaporation

Tear Evaporation, known as evaporative dry eye, results from inflammation of the Meibomian Gland. Additionally, other causes come along. Blepharitis is caused with inflammed eyelids which can be the cause of Itchy Eyes. The computer users who sit in front of the computer blink less frequently, causing tear film instability and evaporation along with eye strain and fatigue.

The Researchers have also found that the patients with Dry Itchy Eyes have less corneal cell nerve dendrite density. This also can be the cause for the Dry Itchy Eyes.


Dry Itchy Eyes are experienced by 75% of the people who are over the age of 65 years. By this age, you will only be left with 40% of the tear film volume that you were having at 18 years of age.

Women’s Hormonal Changes and Post-Menopause

During the 1st part of the cycle, the estrogen production is at its peak, and this increases the chance of Dry Eyes. Also, this syndrome happens when you are expecting your first baby and when the women are going through the phase of the post-menopausal stage.


There are various tests that are performed so that the doctors can know the source of problems. If you find that these tests are out of your pocket, then it is the time that you visit Dealslands and grab some vouchers so that you get to enjoy instant savings. Some techniques to get rid of Dry Itchy Eyes naturally.

  • Avoid Places With Lot of Air Motion

Limit your eyes to exposure from air coming from fan and hair dryer as well. Wrapping around your eyes in sunlight or on windy days will help you to minimise the effect.

  • Supplement with Fatty Acids

The foods like flax seeds, sea food and fishes are the rich sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids which helps in the supplement of Fatty Acids. Apart from the natural sources, the acids are also available in the form of liquid or pill.

  • Rest Your Eyes

If you have the habit of excessive reading, TV watching, and computer, then take small pauses so that your eyes can regain some of the moisture.

These are the traditional home remedies that will help you to get rid of the Itchy Eyes. Now when you are master of your destiny, get the right piece of advice for yourself.