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Life Will Never Be The Same Again- Sliced Chocolate for Sandwiches is Now a Reality

Sliced chocolate is now a reality and we can thank the Japanese for that. A Japanese company named Bourbon has started selling slices of chocolate packed just like cheese singles. One pack of this ultimate delight contains five two-millimeter (0.08-inch) thick slices.

The company’s online shop offers a great deal of purchasing 12 packs for 3,240 yen or 27 dollars.

Who wouldn’t love to try this?

Sliced-Chocolate-for-Sandwiches-is-Now-a-Reality-1 Sliced-Chocolate-for-Sandwiches-is-Now-a-Reality-2 Sliced-Chocolate-for-Sandwiches-is-Now-a-Reality-3 Sliced-Chocolate-for-Sandwiches-is-Now-a-Reality-4 Sliced-Chocolate-for-Sandwiches-is-Now-a-Reality-5 Sliced-Chocolate-for-Sandwiches-is-Now-a-Reality-6 Sliced-Chocolate-for-Sandwiches-is-Now-a-Reality-7 Sliced-Chocolate-for-Sandwiches-is-Now-a-Reality-8 Sliced-Chocolate-for-Sandwiches-is-Now-a-Reality-9 Sliced-Chocolate-for-Sandwiches-is-Now-a-Reality-10