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Let`s study our body

The Human Body is a real mystery. Every part of your body has own secret that only few know about. Here are 13 interesting facts that will leave you stunned.


The disentangled DNA in all the cells from your body would stretch from Earth to Pluto which is 10 billion miles.

  1. Your nose can distinguish 50.000 different odors.
  2. A baby has 60 bones more than an adult.
  3. There is enough iron in your body for making a 3 inch long metal.
  4. We all have tiny bugs living in our eyelashes.
  5. Sweat is inodorous. There is a bacteria on the skin which actually produces that strong smell.
  6. Everyone has a unique tongue as well as a fingerprint.
  7. The eye can distinguish more than 10 million different colors.
  8. If your eye is a digital camera it would have 576 MP.
  9. There are more than 100 types of cancers that can affect any part of your body.
  10. In your mouth, there are more bacteria than people in the world.
  11. The disentangled DNA in all the cells from your body would stretch from Earth to Pluto which is 10 billion miles.
  12. Most of the dust under your bed is actually your own dead skin.
  13. Within three days of your death, the enzymes that digested your dinner when live, begin to eat you.