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Leo Li is Leveraging Unisex Fashion of the 21st Century

Leojeany, a fashion star and designer, recently announced his full support of and embarkment on furthering unisex fashion. The stylist, actor, model, and influencer has been known to show up at fashion weeks around the world, witnessing the likes, rises, and falls of thousands of fashion fads. He’s now settled on a particular favorite– unisex clothing.

“Clothing can and should be made to support any body type,” claims Li. Leojeany, his brand, holds the same view.

The Leojeany look is not one found on the runway, yet. It takes the bold, daring, risky nature of high fashion and founds it in adjustable streetwear that anyone can sport. “And we mean anyone. The pieces that Leojeany has supported have been worn by male and female alike, without discrimination or tendency,” holds Li.

The brand plans to release an upcoming line of clothing– a Spring 2023 Collection– to the public. Drawing inspiration from fashion week looks but innovating it by giving it a Leojeany twirl and twist, the new line expects to be extreme and quite shocking to viewers. The clothing takes risky leaps, with cuts that bare new skin and colors that purposefully clash in order to complement.

“And the best part, all of it will be completely unisex!” the company says, “Today, there is far too much discrimination happening over every aspect of the human body. We only look to soften and eradicate that with our ideas.”

Leojeany intends to feature this new line at Milan Fashion Week, which the brand will send a sponsor to. At previous fashion weeks, Leojeany has worn various ensembles at sat shoulder-to-shoulder with large stars only seen on TV or the runway. In Milan, the brand intends to not only market their upcoming line but expand the Leojeany pool of relationships which the company holds so dear.

“We value our connections more than anything,” claims Li. When he moved to the states, all he had was a passion for fashion. It was the people around him that inspired him so much as to start a brand in his vision of what fashion should be. The model claims that it’s still the friends and affiliates that make up the Leojeany community of positivity, success, and forward-thinking.

“We are so grateful to be able to share what we believe with the world through fashion,” Li maintains, “ and cannot wait for this next step.”

Leojeany is a fashion photography and styling company based in Manhattan that offers customized photo sessions, personal style tips, makeup services, and more.

Company Website: https://leojeany.net/

Company Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leoliofficial/

Contact Leo Li at leo846731847@gmail.com

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