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Lee Broda’s Whispers From The Moon, is Timeless and Inspiring Poetry Written for The Modern Woman

Whispers From The Moon is Lee Broda’s debut poetry publication. It is a collection of beautifully visceral poems on the inspiring quality of love and the devastating pain of heartbreak.

As her day job, Broda is a Hollywood producer, with over 30 feature films under her belt, including “The Forgiven”, starring Forest Whitaker, “‪The Kindergarten Teacher” starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and most recently “A Private War” starring Rosamund Pike, which was nominated during this years 2019 Golden Globe Awards.

Even though she has notable success in the film industry, Broda’s love for writing poetry is equally important to her and has been a part of her life since she was a teenager. She grew up in rural Israel and would spend hours writing. “I started writing songs when I was young. They were pretty awful because I was writing in English, and It wasn’t my first language, but my first solid poem was when I was 20 living in Ireland. It captured a very specific night and turbulence of emotions, and every time I read it, it takes me back to the room I was in, to the feelings I was dealing with. I mainly write to process and to understand myself, analyze situations and break down complex concepts. But mostly to deal with emotions and my thoughts.”

Whispers From The Moon is inspired by Broda’s life. The collection of poems is divided into four sections, each one corresponding to a different phase of the moon: full, waning, eclipse and waxing.

Broda says, “Life takes unexpected turns and we often find that our sorrow and happiness are entwined. I was going through some changes in my own life, discovering who I am, my personal strength and also dealing with a painful heartbreak, and I think it is all evident in the book. I went through a long journey of discovery,  and the book takes you on that journey from life is pretty beautiful, to the darkest corners of the soul, when you feel broken and then the journey of finding your voice again, your power and self worth.”

In reading this book, the reader is transported to a world where the aim of the poetry is to inspire readers to feel that they aren’t alone in their pain. Broda’s heartwarming and reassuring poems take the reader through a whirlwind of emotions and different parts of life, but the main thing Broda wants readers to take away is that our vulnerability is our strength. “We live in an isolated world, especially when we go through our dark periods. we are so great sharing ourselves when things are wonderful, but when things become difficult we tend to keep private. When I was dealing with life and felt alone trapped in my own pain, I realized when I started sharing my poetry, that people related to it, even though the poems were very personal to my own experience, and everyone at some point in their lives were going through something similar.”

Whispers From The Moon is available to buy now, through her website, on amazon and other bookstores around the world: https://leebroda.com/books/