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Learn What The Shape Of Your Nails Says About You

Did you know that the shape of your nails can say a lot about your personality? It’s true. The way you wear your nails can say a lot about you.

Keep on reading to find yours and see what it says about you!

Square Nails


You don’t let things get in your way and you work hard for the things you want. You might be a sporty girl that’s more inclined to performance rather than aesthetics.

Oval Nails


They’re the marriage of looks and durability. You value compromise and you’re an elegant person.

Squ-Oval Nails


If you wear this shape it means that you’re assertive and you know what you want.

Round Nails


Round nails are the go-to shape for women that are prone to cracked and split nails. They’re also the most wanted shape for nails-biters. If you often go for this shape, it means that your soft and sweet person.

Almond Nails


These nails go hand in hand with drama! They’re often chosen by artists. Having this shape means that you’re a creative person.

Ballerina Nails


This is the most feminine nail shape. Women with this shape of nails are slender and very elegant.

Stiletto nails


Dramatic persons always wear this shape of nails. You’re an extrovert that likes getting attention and talk to people.