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Lauren Cohan- The Girl You Need in Your Team to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Ever since the first episode of “The Walking Dead” came out in 2010, we kind of got obsessed with zombies. The world got addicted to the zombie killing actions and surviving the “zombie apocalypse”.

In 2011, the series introduced a new girl on the set, Maggie Greene played by the beautiful actress Lauren Cohan. As the series evolved, we all fell in love with the tough and amazing Lauren.


Lauren Cohan is the gorgeous product you get when mixing American and Scottish genes. She’s an American born English actress, now living both in London and Los Angeles, California. She graduated in Drama and English literature in the University of Winchester. During her time in the university, she co-founded a theatre company.
She was first introduced in the movie world in 2005, in the movie “Casanova”. In 2007 she got a starring role in “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj”. Her career was moving forward and in 2007 she got another role in the movie “Float”.

Lauren started receiving roles in television too. She appeared in 6 episodes in the famous TV series “Supernatural”. She even played a 560 year old vampire in the series “The Vampire Diaries”. The gorgeous actress also appeared in world famous shows such as “Modern Family”, “CSI: NY” and “The Bold and The Beautiful”.


Lauren Cohan hit stardom when she first appeared in the second season of the famous series “ The Walking Dead”. Her role wasn’t that big in the second season, but in the third season of the show, she became one of the main characters. We all carefully watched how her character evolved from a naïve girl to a tough girl killing zombies and saving people. Lauren soon became the girl you would really want in your team when surviving in a world full with zombies.


The role in “The Walking Dead” is what put Lauren Cohan on the radar and there’s no stopping now. She shows an extraordinary acting skills and it will be soon when she hits world famous status.

There’s a bright future in the movie business for this amazing and gorgeous actress. We just need to sit back and see how this amazing actress’s career evolves. The future looks bright!