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Last Goodbye: Pig Had the Sweetest Reaction When His Best Friends Passed Away

Spot the pig was only 8 months old when he got rescued from a family that bought him as a pet. He was enjoying his new life and new home when he met his soulmate, the piglet named Sientje. The pigs mom saw their amazing connection right away.

The two pigs never left each other’s side for 13 years. They enjoyed spending time together, laying out in the sun or gazing out in the pasture. Unfortunately, Sientje had severe osteoarthritis and her condition was so bad that she needed to be put to sleep.

The family said their last goodbye and their mom, Rachel Vos wrapped Sientje in blankets and scattered tons of colorful flowers around her body. Spot stood over his best friend, closing his eyes and resting his snout on her body. He couldn’t believe that his soulmate was gone.

“At first he didn’t understand what was happening. I could not stop crying. They were always together,” says Rachel.

Weeks after Sientje’s dead, Spot was still in mourning.

“When she was no longer there, it took a while before he was the old cheerful Spot again. It was difficult for him,” says Rachel.

Pigs are known to be highly emotional animals. They form deep bonds with family, friends and caretakers. They can yearn for months if separated from their loved ones.

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