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Lash Extensions: Are They Worth It?

For the past few months, you have been thinking about getting lash extensions. You have seen them in pictures and you think they look great, and you are also tired of squinting into the mirror every morning while applying mascara. At the same time, you have some questions about the product — including cost, if the lashes will fall off on their own and what upkeep will involve.

With these excellent questions and concerns in mind, let’s take a closer look at the upside and downside of lash extensions.

The Upside
They are not “one size fits all”

If your mom or grandma ever wore false eyelashes back in the day, you might recall the way they looked like they had long spidery legs attached to their eyes. Fake eyelashes of yore were usually available in one size and length, so they never really looked natural. On the flip side, modern-day lash extensions come in a variety of styles, colors and lengths, so you can really customize your look. For example, you can buy lash extensions made from sterilized PBT material in a wide selection of curls, thicknesses and lengths. Also, if you are satisfied with your natural top lashes but your bottom lashes could use some help, bottom lash extensions are also available.

Your makeup routine will be much faster

Once you have eyelash extensions, those long mornings of curling your lashes and applying a coat or two of mascara will be a thing of the past. Some women have found that the lashes are so attractive, they can replace eye makeup on many days. As a major bonus, if you end up walking in the rain, laughing so hard you have tears running down your cheeks or crying at a sad scene in a movie, you won’t have that panicky feeling of “Do I look like Alice Cooper now?” due to your mascara running. You can get eyelash extensions wet in the shower and not ever have to worry about their colors streaming down your cheeks.

The Downside
You might have to change your sleeping habits

If you like to sleep on your stomach with your face snuggled into your pillow, lash extensions will require you to change the way you snooze. Sleeping on your face will negatively impact the length of time your lashes will stay on. In addition, you will probably have to trade in your fave cotton pillowcase for one that is made of silk or satin — this is because eyelash extensions can get caught in the cotton case, which can also cause them to loosen up and fall off.

In very rare cases, the glue can cause a reaction

As All About Vision notes, the glue that is used to bond the synthetic lash extensions in place can cause irritation in a small number of women. While most people do just fine with eyelash extensions and they love the way they look and feel, if you have extremely sensitive skin, it is a good idea to research the type of glue that is used prior to the procedure.

Time to make your own decision

Prior to taking the plunge, it is important to review the aforementioned points and do some additional research. Overall, eyelash extensions look and feel great, and do not require a lot of daily maintenance, but it’s a good idea to weigh both sides of the issue before making your decision.