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Laser Hair Removal is Becoming More Popular Than Ever

To many, laser hair removal seems like a luxury for the rich and famous; however, this cosmetic procedure has become increasingly popular over the past few years. A 2016 study from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery found that laser hair removal was one of the top five most popular non surgical procedures with over 1,000,000 procedures having been completed in the 2016 year. Laser hair removal has become increasingly popular for the average man and woman.

While there are many possible reasons for this, there are a few points that clients point to as their reason for switching.
  • One of the biggest factors contributing to laser hair removal’s spike in popularity is undoubtedly the affordability. The average price for laser hair removal is $354; although, the price will vary depending on the area being worked on. While the price of waxing is lower initially, a study performed by The Free Library found that women who use laser hair removal spend nearly $20, 000 less over their lifetime than women who choose to wax.

For those who are reluctant to take a trip to an office, there are also a number of affordable options on the market for home laser hair removal. In an article updated in January 2018, OGLF reviews at home laser hair removal machines to assist those trying to make the jump to at home treatments.

  • Another reason this procedure has garnered some much-needed attention is the short length of both procedure and treatment. Appointments tend to last anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending entirely on the area being treated. For most, it takes roughly two weeks for the treated hair to fall out. When compared to the time needed to shave or wax regularly, laser hair removal is by far the quickest option.
  • For those wanting to remove hair from larger areas, such as the chest or back, they often find that other hair removal methods are just not practical. Waxing your back or chest can often be painful and time-consuming, leading to more and more of these clients turning to laser hair removal for a convenient solution. This is hailed as a leading reason why men have been turning to laser hair removal more and more over the past few years.
  • The top reason laser hair removal is growing more popular is simply the luxuriousness of it. With a quick and effective procedure combined with the almost immediate results, many report a huge boost in self-confidence. Gone are the days of prickly legs and unwanted facial hair. Laser hair removal encourages men and women to feel increasingly confident after they’ve taken control of their unwanted body and facial hair.

With at home and in-office procedures become more and more available, there’s little reason to put off laser hair removal. It’s estimated that laser hair removal will continue to grow in popularity and for good reason. While options like shaving and waxing may seem like the easiest choice, nothing on the market can compare to laser hair removal’s convenience, speed, cost-effectiveness or luxury.