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Kuari Pass Trek: The Doorway to Nirvana

Are you looking for a perfect trek start to your Himalayan odyssey? Are you looking for a trek which is possibly the best work of the mighty Himalayas?

You have come to the right page. Let me take you through the mystical journey of Kuari Pass trek.

There are several reasons to say that the Kuari Pass trek is one of the best treks to undertake in the Himalayas. It is perfect for beginners as well as experienced trekkers. It is a five-day trek that takes you through all different kinds of trails.

There are a handful of reasons to say that Kuari Pass trek is an excellent choice for all kinds of trekkers, but words may fall short when trying to describe its glory. Although the best way to witness such a beauty is through one’s own eyes, I can try my best to take you on a virtual tour and hope that you too will see what an incredible opportunity lies ahead for all that embark on its trails.

So, let’s give you a few reasons which will make you jump out of bed and start your preparation to undertake this trek.

It is very important to determine the difficulty level of a trek before you decide to take up any trek. Kuari Pass trek is a great choice for beginners as well as well trained trekkers. Since the trail of the trek is not very tough, the beginners have a chance to learn all about trekking and experience the Himalayas. For more seasoned trekkers, Kuari Pass is an awesome way to rejuvenate.

Kuari Pass means the Doorway. This trek was explored by Lord Curzon and is also known as the Curzon trail.

The trail of this trek deserves a special mention. In most of the Himalayan treks, the tree cover is either too dense or too scarce, but here you find yourself walking under a perfect marquee of trees. Just the right amount of sunlight passes through them.

Another significant feature of the trail of this trek that requires a special mention is that it is a very old trail. Thousands year-old trees of rhododendron, deodar and oak make up the forest cover of the trail. The trail often opens up into wide, clear openings. It is a series of forests and meadows. This trek gains a spot in the top 5 for sure when it comes to counting the best Himalayan trails because of its highly varied and scenic trails.

While you are you this trek, you will realize that it offers the most striking views of some of the eastern peaks of Garhwal Himalayas. The mountains all around you put up a show of orchestral beauty. The twin peaks of Nanda Devi cast a spell on you. The peaks of Kamet, Dronagiri, Trishul, Bertholi, Hathi Ghodi Parvat, Mana and Neelkanth all stand majestically while you silently appreciate them.

The campsites of this trek are so spectacular that you would not want to move once you set your camps and settle. Each and every campsite is unique in its own way. The first campsite, Tali forest camp, is right in the middle of the forest. You are surrounded by a wave of green, and the mountains sitting at a distance impress you with their magnitude. Tali lake has the clearest waters.

While returning to Joshimath, where you started you trek from, you pass through Auli, which is very famous for skiing. Therefore, you get a package deal when you go on the Kuari Pass trek. Many breathtaking views and prominent places fall in your way.

Treks are not just about covering the distance and reaching the top. They involve a lot more than that. For some, trekking is a spiritual journey, and for others it the way of knowing about the culture of a place.

If you ask trekkers for a review of this trek in terms of spiritual and cultural experiences, I am sure that they will speak very highly of the trek. When you start the trek from Joshimath, your first stop is the small village Tughasi. You absolutely must spend some time in this village. You will get a glimpse of the local culture and cuisine here. The locals here are very welcoming, and you can hear many stories and legends about the trek from them.

Overall, Kuari Pass is one of the few treks which opens its arms to all kinds of trekkers and travelers. From its majestic views to its amazing campsite, there are many reasons for you to pick this trek.

These words can never do justice to the beauty of the Kuari Pass trek, but we can hope that the mountains on this trek echo with your happiness and you experience this supreme artistry of nature at least once.