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How Konversai Helps You Turn Your Beauty Tips into Cold Hard Cash

If you’re constantly getting compliments on your makeup, and your eyebrows are always on fleek, there may be a place for you in the burgeoning beauty economy. Whether you prefer the no-makeup-makeup aesthetics or you’d rather highlight and contour to the gods, there is no denying that being handy with brush and powder has skyrocketed the careers of many an Instagram and YouTube star. Even better, video platforms like Konversai are helping match those seeking one on one beauty advice with those who have the know-how. For anyone looking to turn their knack for beauty into their next earning opportunity, here are four tips to help you turn beauty tips into cold hard cash.

1. Social Media

The most popular, and arguably hardest way to earn money for beauty tips is through social media. While this was a rich vein to tap into in the early 2010’s, by now the social sphere is pretty saturated with gurus, creators, reviews, and tutorials aplenty. But that doesn’t mean that a talented, enterprising, and most importantly social savvy person can’t carve a place for themselves in this completive space. Just be mindful that nowadays being a successful beauty guru means posting across multiple platforms. The most popular influencers invariably have multiple channels promoting their content, from Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, to Twitter. If you can make it to the top of this pile, the rewards are sweet. With sponsorships, ad revenue, and other projects, top social media beauty influencers are estimated to make between $3,000 to over $100,000 per month. That’ll pay for a lot of Sephora trips.

2. Private Makeup Artist

You don’t have to work for MAC or a top fashion magazine to earn some money with your makeup skills. With events like prom, homecoming, weddings, and parties galore, there is probably plenty of people in your area that are looking to get their makeup done for an event. You can always start small and offer your services to friends and family, leveraging good pricing, word and mouth, and off course social media to increase your customer base. If you’re looking to eventually fully break into the beauty industry, this is great first step in learning how to interact with clients and work with different facial features and skin tones as well.

3. Use a Teaching Platform

In case you haven’t heard, the gig economy is just as hot as the draping and baking trend. And there are plenty of platforms out there which amateur beauty experts can use to share and monetize their knowledge. Konversai, for instances, allows anyone with an internet connection and a webcam to sign up and start giving beauty lessons to prospective clients world-wide. Plus, you get to set your own rate, your own times, and build your own business. There is plenty of demand as well, with people wanting lessons for everything ranging from re-creating a specific look to recommendations on skincare and makeup choices for their specific skin type. Think of it like Facetime while making the big bucks.

4. Work at a Beauty Counter

Many of the most successful makeup artists and beauty gurus, including the Pixi Woo sisters and Jaclyn Hill started out working at makeup counters. Stores like Sephora and Ulta are a great place for those talented with makeup to make a great buck. Not to mention the opportunity to learn and advance in the company, complimentary classes and product education from artists from multiple brands, and sweet, sweet beauty swag. Plus the employee discounts and free stuff will probably feed the inner product hound in every beauty lover.

So many people have found creative ways to make money from their talent with makeup and beauty, and it’s a bath many people aspire to. Whether you want to feed a hobby, start a side gig, or work full time in the beauty industry, our four tips are good ways to break into a world where sparkle and glitter is just a part of everyday life. Check out Konversai as a new way to make money while teaching others about beauty, makeup, health and just about anything else you can think of.