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Koko The Gorilla Wasn’t Able to Have Her Own Kids So She Adopted 2 Kittens

You must have heard about Koko, the gorilla that “speaks” the American Sign Language. Well, Koko received a unique gift for her 44th birthday. She received a box of small kittens and she was allowed to pick 2.

Back in 1984, Koko got her first cat “All Ball” after she signed that’s she wanted a cat. When Koko found out that her cat has died, she cried and signed “sleep cat” .

Koko lives with her trainer Francine Patterson at the Gorilla Foundation in Redwood City, California. She can understand 2000 English words and she has more than 1000 “Gorilla Sign Language” signs.

Koko was absolutely thrilled that she’s become a “mother” of 2 little kittens!

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