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You Know You’re a Mother When?!

You know you’re a mother when:

1. One look from those tiny, adorable eyes is enough to melt you down.

2. You’re prouder for someone else’s success rather than your own. Taking his first steps, making his first friend, his first success in school makes you the proudest person ever.

3. The smell of this tiny head brings out the most beautiful emotions. That’s a clear sign that heaven exists and it’s there where your baby is…

4. You have better reflexes than a cat

5. You can easily find the diapers in your bag than your wallet.

6. Gifts made from those tiny hands are more precious than diamonds. You don’t care about the gift, but the person behind them.

7. It’s more important to have a bottle in your hand than your own wallet.

8. You know at least 100 things that can be cleaned with baby wipes.

9. You regularly smell your baby’s behind. Are the diapers full yet?

10. You’ve seen all cartoons and you memorize all cartoon characters.

you-know-you’re a-mother-when-1

11. You do your hair and makeup for 5 min, so you can spend more time with your little one.

12. You’re no longer ashamed to discuss someone else’s stool.

13. You’re more excited about having a nice sleep than having sex.

14. You haven’t had a warm meal for ages. And you warm up your coffee a couple of times before drinking it.

15. You don’t mind eating lunch leftovers.

16. You secretly eat chocolate.

17. Your child has more clothes and shoes than you do. Your budget is now spent on other person.

18. You’re proud when someone burps.

19. You only have time to shave 1 leg during a shower.

20. When you say purse, you actually mean your baby’s bag.

you-know-you’re a-mother-when-2

21. You’re not afraid of anything and in the same time you’re scared of everything when it comes to your baby.

22. You feel like the worst person alive when you spend time without your baby.

23. You can achieve more things in an hour, than many people can in 24 hours. You’re great at multitasking.

24. You no longer sit when you eat.

25. You get sad when people don’t wave back to that tiny hand.

26. You can chop and decorate food in so many creative ways.

27. You have a person beside you, whose kisses and smiles have a healing power. One hug can take away all the negative feelings.

28. You feel the most loved and wanted person in the whole world.

29. You know and sing all children songs that make your baby happy.

30. You have such a strong love, the one that only mothers understand.