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Know More about Smile Makeovers

Nowadays, people are more familiar with facial makeovers and not with smile makeovers by a best dentist. Total makeovers are basically starting over and done in particular parts of your personality, yet with end results being an improved and new you.

When a person considers a makeover, there are various specialists they can go to and these include a dermatologist, hair stylist, and a cosmetic surgeon or wardrobe stylist. Nevertheless, dentists are the last professionals you would consider going to for makeovers, yet in terms of smile makeovers, cosmetic dentists are the best experts to get the smile you need and want for the rest of your life.

What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile design or smile makeover means dentist checks on the position of the teeth of the patient and how their teeth are framed by their lips. In some cases, beautiful smiles do not only mean whiter teeth but also may need small adjustment in your gums and teeth’s structure. A good example could be if too much gums show when you smile that can be repaired through undergoing a gum lift or what’s referred technically as crown lengthening.

What’s the Procedure?

While this may sound painful, gum lifts are basically an outpatient procedure that may be done at the office of the dentist with less pain. This involves minor surgery where gums are pushed up to show more teeth. Another procedure for smile makeover involves lengthening and shaping your teeth, rounding up the edges that will help you look much younger. Since many people spend a lifetime chewing, it’s inevitable that you wear your teeth down and though you get the priciest facelift known to man, this will not look right once you teeth are worn down and may in fact, add instead subtract to your appearance.

When it comes to shaping your teeth, the dentists will bond a porcelain or resin veneer to its front surface, enhancing the shape, size, length, and color of your teeth to make these look even and white. If you have ever wondered why the teeth of your favorite celebrities look like a million dollars, you now know the reason behind it.

The process of smile makeovers starts with planning carefully through discussing with the dentist your full medical history, objectives, and health concerns. While smile can be a smile, people have different concepts regarding what a beautiful smile must look like, yet one thing that it does have to be is it must conform to and complement to the facial structure of the patient. Your bite is also a consideration.

Oral examination is the next step. It is where your dentist will find out the reasons why you have that smile and how you may enhance it based on such reasons. It’s the best time to ask for questions and raise concerns as your dentist tries to seek and understand factors that affect your smile like any kind of periodontal disease, accidental injuries, and other things you have experienced.

After Treatment for Smile Makeovers

Follow-ups are scheduled to find out how good your gums are adjusting to new implants, crowns or veneers and how your new brighter smile is shaping up if this has not started to change your life yet in a positive way. If you still have other dental needs, ask for the best cosmetic dental services available and suited for your requirements.