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Do You Know How Many Bacteria Contain That Lemon Slice in Your Drink?

Have you ever wondered how many bacteria contains the lemon slice in your vodka or the orange slice in your cocktail?


Slices and pieces of fruits are the perfect decoration for your drink, but unfortunately, they’ve been in many places before getting into your favorite cocktail.

One study published in the” Journal of Environmental Health” shows that more than 70% of the lemon slices used in 21 different restaurants, contained more than 25 different microbes.

“All those microbes found on the lemon slices can cause infections,” said one of the researchers.

“The restaurant owners should be aware that the slices of lemon they put in their drinks carry potential pathogenic microbes”.

Philip Tierno, MD and microbiology and pathology professor, explains that those fruit slices can contain skin contaminators, respiratory secretion and even feces, bacteria such as E.Coli and staphylococcus.

Although many restaurants are really careful when it comes to hygiene and thoroughly wash the fruits, barmen constantly touch many things with their hands and then they transfer the microbes to the fruits.

The good news is that if the alcohol you’re drinking is strong enough, it will kill those bacteria. On the other hand, there isn’t an alcohol that can kill viruses.

“There isn’t any way to protect yourself from bacteria because they’re everywhere around us. On the other hand, be careful what you consume,” adds Dr. Tierno.