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Kitten Born With 4 Ears and One Eye Finally Finds Happiness in His Forever Home

Meet Frankie. It’s short for Frankenkitten. Frankie is probably the most unique kitten you’ve ever seen. He has 4 ears and one eye. Although he looks different than other cats, he’s just like any other cat in other ways.

Frankie was found under a suburban house along with another sibling. The homeowners took Frankie and his brother in a shelter in order to socialize. Frankie wasn’t born with one eye. His other eye ruptured and it had to be removed. Unfortunately, that wasn’t Frankie’s only health problem. Frankie’s hind legs and knees are out of place, making him walk unusual. His lower canines were piercing the roof of his mouth and they were removed surgically. His knees were operated too.

Frankie’s life was pretty rough, but his cute character made everyone fall in love with him.

Although he’s now doing fine, his physical problems affect his everyday life. He can’t hear properly because of the second pair of ears and he has bad night vision. Frankie can’t eat wet food because of his mouth, so he’s now on a dry food diet.

Frankie doesn’t let his physical disabilities ruing his life. He loves to cuddle with his owners and sleep all day long. He can sometimes be pretty annoying as well, especially for his siblings and dogs.

Frankie is a living proof that beauty lies within.