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Kids Online: 5 Steps To Virtual Privacy

In the world of gadgets and technology, it is hard to stay away from virtual world for long. As soon as a baby turns into demanding toddler, most parents put their first gadgets in those tiny hands. We can understand how much that might help the adults go through tough times with boisterous children, but there is one issue that is still undefined here: why do parents forget about virtual safety trying to give kids something to do for another half an hour? The Internet is not the place where little ones should be let without guidance or restrictions.

Most of moms and dads have no clue their little ones are in danger every time they turn on their tablets, laptops or smartphones. It would be nice to have A GUIDE TO PROTECTING CHILDREN’S PRIVACY ONLINE but anyway there are some serious steps one should take before handling any device to kids.

Detecting the Danger

Spotting all the threats is completely impossible and it is not only about virtual security. New crime schemes pop out here and there daily. But we can detect the main enemies:

  • bulliers,
  • predators,
  • scammers,
  • malware,

Somehow, parents never think their offspring can be bullied elsewhere. They believe that if things are fine at school – everything is under control. However, shills never sleep looking for new victims. There were cases when kids committed suicides being unable to stand against them. They kept all their fears to themselves and never told their families what was going on there.

Predators often show up in social networks as new friends who are willing to chat. But soon after that they try to flush kids out. And you can easily guess who shows up for those meetings. Even without meeting offline, Internet bullying can be powerful enough to intimidate the child.

Kids also love watching new videos, photobombs and other funny thumbnails. This is why they click all links without doubts often infecting computers with viruses. Or, because of their unawareness, they can waste a ton of cash from mom’s credit card for games and other content. So all these risks should be prevented by the parents.

Looking for Protection

We can’t spend hours in front of screens controlling kids’ activities. We can install parental control apps, update antivirus occasionally, block several websites. This will definitely work preventing some of the common problems. But for complete protection, one should learn more info about VPN applications. It seems like the way to complete Internet freedom has been finally revealed.

What is a VPN? It is a nice software that works to hide your computer (tablet, smartphone…) from virtual criminals. It literally makes users invisible.

How does it work?

A VPN serves to change our IP address. Once there is an outcoming signal from our computers, instead of directing it to the website, this software leads it to some virtual distant server and only out of there it reaches the website. Nobody can detect the real user’s location so far. What is even better – it encrypts all the data: messages, photos, location, making it visible only for users you choose. So, if you want a complete control over your kid’s virtual life – this is just what you need.

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