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Keeping Your Personal Gadgets Safe When You are Out and About

In our home cities, we often rarely think about how to keep things safe. When travelling, we will invest in tamper-proof bags or keep or phones close at hand at all times. However, this is not always the case when heading out to run a few errands. We might keep our phone in our pocket or even just hold it in our hand. Turn away at a café, and it will be gone in the blink of an eye! Here are some of the best ways to keep your gadgets safe when you are out and about.

Have One Place Where You Keep It

Everyone has experienced a moment where they plunge their hand into their pocket only to discover that it is not there. After a few panicked searches, they discover that it is in fact in another pocket. If you instead try to keep your phone in the same place each time, you will hopefully get around this.

Most handbags nowadays have some sort of pocket where you can place your phone. This can be a great help to anyone who feels like they juggle their phone too much as they walk around. Putting it back in the same pocket each time guarantees that you can always find it in a pinch. It might be quite difficult to train yourself to do it at first, but you should get the hang of it with enough practice.

Get a Good Bag

In fact, getting a decent handbag is probably going to be half your struggle. You might be tempted by a designer bag but these are not always the most practical. Most designer bags are not built for security. They could have a thin strap or they might not even have a body strap at all, only hanging from your arm. If it is a well-known designer, the bag itself might become a target for thieves. Designer bags can be a fantastic asset to own, but you don’t want to end up losing both your phone and the handbag you might have had to save up for.

Your other option would, therefore, be a tamperproof handbag built to withstand pickpocketing. However, these are not always the chicest. Of course, you could always trial a backpack. Just be aware that your phone could end up anywhere inside it.

Get Insured

One of the quickest ways to protect yourself in the event that your phone is stolen is to ensure that you are insured. This small pre-emptive measure might help you out more than you could know. However, one more thing to pay for can be incredibly difficult to balance into a tight budget. If you are already paying a high rent and other costs of living.

A great way to procure a mobile phone insurance policy is actually to check whether your phone would be covered by your renter’s insurance. This is one of the policies which you might think is a waste of money. However, it can have more benefits than you might think; one of those being coverage for your mobile phone. This means that even if your phone is stolen while you are away from home, you can submit a claim and get some compensation to help you replace it.

Be Wary

There are some basic safety tips you can follow to ensure that your phone isn’t snatched away from you. Firstly, don’t leave your phone sitting on the table beside you when you are at a café or restaurant. Someone could deliberately bump your table and swipe your phone while they are apologising. They could also get an accomplice to distract you and make you look the other way while they swipe it.

If you are in the street, be aware of those around you. If you feel like there is someone eyeing up your phone, turn away from them slightly and secure phone either in an inside pocket or in your bag. Remember that some people have literally had their phones snatched from their hand by people on mopeds or bikes. It is always better to know exactly what is going on around you so you know whether or not your phone needs extra protection.

So many of us keep our entire lives on our mobile phones. Make sure you are always able to protect yours when you go out. Whether that is buying the right bag or insuring it to make sure we can replace it in a worst-case scenario, there is always something you can do.