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Keep Track of Your Children’s Whereabouts

Amazing technical creations have helped our society in so many ways. You can do research on large companies, calculate dividends, and see what is coming out that will aid the public now and in the future. Products that keep children safe are high on a list of items that the public wants and will purchase. It is integral to a child’s safety to keep them from being around strangers who can harm them. A wearable gadget is an easy way to keep track of them. Simply slip it into their backpack or a coat pocket. They do not even need to remember to grab it in order for you to know where they are. Take a look at these things that you can do to make sure that your child is safe from a stranger.

1. Keep Them Safe in the Outdoors

Your child should have a regular route to take to get to school or other places where they often go. Know the route that they take and encourage them to not vary from their schedule. Teach your children to not go to unfamiliar places without the accompaniment of a parent or other trusted adult. Children should be encouraged to stay in well-populated areas. Teach your child to have a few alternatives that they can employ if they are ever followed. Walk with them the first few times and look for a store where they can go to ask for help if they need it. Teach them that if they are bothered, they should run very fast and make a lot of noise. They should draw as much attention to themselves as they can and try to get to a safe place.

2. Teach Them to Use Their Voice

Your child needs to learn the power that they have. Teach them that they have the power to say “no.” Your child should understand that they have the power to say no if someone, especially a stranger, makes a suggestion or touches them in a way that makes them uncomfortable. You can let them understand that they have the power to make it known that something is not alright and they should immediately tell an adult that they trust.

3. What Is the Password?

Children love using passwords. Establish a “code word” for your child to share with trusted adults. In the event that they must be picked up by someone that they do not know, that person should use the password to let the child know that they can be trusted. Your child should understand that if anyone is asked to come to get them, they should be aware of the password. A parent or a guardian will have shared it with them.

4. Put a Wearable Device on Them

Whether it is an app on their phone or a wearable device for them to clip on a belt loop or their backpack, technology has made it simpler to keep track of the location of our children. As parents, we want to know where our children are at all times and make sure that they are not with a stranger. These devices make that easy. Invest in one today and you will never have to worry about your child being lost or in danger.

5. Teach Them What to Look Out For

Your child should be aware of the tricks that some predators often use. They should know what to look out for so as to avoid being lured into a vulnerable position. Many predators will try to bribe the child with the promise of money, candy, or anything else that the child might want. They should be on the guard for these promises, people seeking help, or those who outright threaten them. They should also beware of people trying to get them to break rules instituted by the family. For instance, a predator will often tell a child their parents will not mind if they went off with a stranger just this once.

We want our children to be safe at all times. However, we cannot always keep an eye on them. By using these simple techniques, you can teach your child about the dangers that strangers often pose and how they can successfully avoid them. Invest in a wearable device so that you can always have peace of mind and be sure that your child is in a safe environment.