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Juvederm: Tips to Achieve Successful Outcomes

Injections of Juvederm dermal fillers belong to one of the most popular cosmetic procedures these days. They are the efficient methods to fight a wide range of age-related skin imperfections, starting from sagging skin and ending with dehydrated lips.

If you are currently considering the possibility of getting a Juvederm injection, you have to be aware of several pieces of advice on how to achieve successful outcomes. So, let us go through the top-7 tips on how to minimize the appearance of complications and maximize the result of the procedure!

Tip #1. Buy Juvederm Online Instead of Ordering It Locally

Last but not least, let us give you a tip on how to achieve the best possible financial outcome of the Juvederm treatment. Namely, you might substantially save money if you purchase Juvederm online instead of ordering it locally.

The main reason for it is that online suppliers tend to offer substantially reasonable prices for cosmetic injectables if compared to local resellers. Therefore, find a reliable website and order Juvederm on it to save your money.

Tip #2. Get to Know the Peculiarities of Juvederm Fillers

First and foremost, it is essential to know the most important peculiarities of Juvederm fillers, namely:

  • They are based on hyaluronic acid. While being an analog of a naturally occurring in the human body substance, it rejuvenates a patient’s skin without causing any serious complications. However, it is contraindicated to people who suffer from multiple severe allergies;
  • They are long-lasting. The average duration of Juvederm fillers equals 12 months. However, it strongly depends on both the properties of the preparation (like its density, hyaluronic acid concentration, and cross-linking technology) and the peculiarities of a patient (such as their age, skin type, and health condition);
  • They are universal. Juvederm dermal fillers might be applied in a wide range of skin injection procedures. Namely, they are oftentimes used to take care of mild to severe facial wrinkles, plump lips, and provide a patient with a profound cheek and chin augmentation;
  • They are injectable. The product of the Juvederm brand should be administered under a patient’s skin in a form of middle to deep injection into either a patient’s dermal layer or lip mucosa. In other words, the procedure of the Juvederm administration is minimally invasive and is performed with the help of a needle and a syringe;
  • They have an extensive product line. The Juvederm range consists of several hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvederm Vollure, Voluma, Volbella, Ultra, and so on. Despite the fact that all these products have similar properties, they are not the same and should be applied to different aesthetic indications.

The awareness of the above-mentioned peculiarities of Juvederm dermal fillers might substantially improve the effectiveness of the procedure.

Tip #3. Use Juvederm for Different Purposes, from Wrinkle Reduction to Lip Augmentation

“Not all Juvederms are created equal,” since each product has its own purpose. For instance, while Juvederm Voluma is primarily used to create facial volume by means of chin and cheek augmentation, Juvederm Volbella is mainly applied to augment lips.

Among the main indications for Juvederm injections are:

  • Middle and severe wrinkles (such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines, crow’s feet, and so on);
  • Thin and dehydrated lips;
  • Loose and sagging facial tissue skin.

So, the selection of the most suitable dermal filler for a patient’s individual indications might substantially improve the outcome of the treatment.

Tip #4. Pay Attention to Juvederm After-Treatment Recovery Recommendations

There exist several simple but nevertheless important after-treatment recovery recommendations that should be followed after the injection of the Juvederm dermal filler. For the first 48 hours after the treatment, a patient should:

  • Avoid extensive sun and apply a sunscreen cream around the treatment site;
  • Stay away from excessive heat;
  • Evade wearing makeup at the treatment area;
  • Bypass strenuous exercising;
  • Do not push or pull the injection site.

By means of following the above-mentioned rules after the Juvederm injection, a patient will be able to both minimize the possibility of severe complications and maximize the outcome of the procedure.

Tip #5. Repeat the Juvederm Injection from Time to Time

Despite its substantial durability, the result of the Juvederm injection is not permanent. On average, it fades away within 12 months after the procedure.

Therefore, a patient might reasonably prolong the outcome of the treatment by means of repeating the Juvederm injection from time to time.

Tip #6. Find a Knowledgeable Health Care Practitioner

Probably one of the most essential things that affect the outcome of Juvederm injections is the professionalism of a health care professional. The main reason for it is that the technique of the administration of the product has a direct relation to the result of the treatment.

In other words, a skillfully performed injection might lead to an instantly visible, natural-looking, and attractive outcome. And vice versa, an unintentional injection into a blood vessel might initiate the appearance of severe complications.

So, rely on an experienced medical professional in order to achieve the best possible outcome of the Juvederm treatment.

Tip #7. Be Aware of the Limitations and Possible Side Effects of the Juvederm Injection

The awareness of the limitations and possible side effects of the Juvederm injection is also of high importance. Thus, pay attention to the fact that not each and every patient is a good candidate for the administration of the product. Namely, it should not be injected in case:

  • A patient suffers from severe allergic reactions to any component of the product;
  • A patient lives with a serious disease like untreated epilepsy, diabetes mellitus, poor blood clotting, or pigmentation disorders;
  • A patient supposes to experience skin injury or inflammation around the area of the treatment.
  • A patient is predisposed to excessive scarring;
  • A patient undergoes other facial injection procedures that are incompatible with Juvederm injections;
  • A patient intakes alcohol, aspirin, or blood thinners (or, in other words, medications that can prolong bleeding);
  • And so on.

Moreover, it is essential to know that Juvederm injections might lead to a number of side effects, such as:

  • Temporary redness around the area of the treatment;
  • Increased bruising at the injection site;
  • Temporary scabs and additional scars;
  • And so on.

By means of taking these limitations and side effects into account, a patient will be able to both prevent the unpredicted result of the treatment and get to know what to expect after the procedure.

Final Words

All in all, Juvederm injections belong to the most efficient treatment options that might be used to improve a patient’s skin quality. They tighten significant loose skin, smooth lines of different intensity, and augment lips. So, try out Juvederm facial injections and follow the above-mentioned tips to achieve the best possible results!