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Jessica Alba Explains How She Teaches the Meaning of Beauty to Her Two Young Daughters

The gorgeous, amazing and famous mother of two explains that she now has a different approach than the one she grew up with, when it comes to explaining the meaning of beauty.


For Natural Health Magazine she said: “Whenever I was bullied, growing up, my mother always said “You’re a beautiful girl, they’re just jealous of you”.  That never helped. I want my girls Honor and Haven to know that beauty is kind, beauty is helping people, and beauty is humility!”


This hard working mom has left the Hollywood spotlight and opened her own company. She’s a proud owner of the “Honest” company, a company that she hopes her girls would love to take it over. Alba also says that she wouldn’t be very disappointed if her girls wouldn’t like to take the “Honest” company because she’ll always support whatever they choose to do in their lives.

The “Honest” company is now worth 1 billion dollars and Alba has no plans in slowing down any time soon.