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It Pays to Be Healthy: The Perfect Activewear to Keep Fit 

It’s not rocket science – when you look awesome, you feel awesome. One of the most important times to look great is when you’re working out in the gym. Feeling great during exercise will help you push through the barriers when things become tough. Let’s look at some top activewear tips that will keep you feeling fit and looking great.

Less is more 

When you’re exercising, keeping things simple will allow you to focus on your workout. Choosing activewear that you feel comfortable in before and after exercise will keep you focused and motivated. Consider a one-tone activewear combination to ensure you’re fully focused on your exercise goals.

Consider the weather

As the bright and beautiful days of spring and summer are behind us, it’s a good idea to look for activewear that is suitable for the colder seasons. One way to brace yourself for the cold as you exercise outside is to look smart in a long-sleeve and legging combo.

Be brave 

There’s no reason why your activewear should be boring. In fact, adding a statement piece to your outfit is a great way to liven things up when you’re working out. Select some activewear that boasts bold patterns or unique design features, such as lattice leggings or something similar. You will turn heads for all the right reasons!

Keep things loose 

There’s a common myth that you need to work out in clothes that are tight-fitting and revealing, but this is just not the case. If you like, go for something a little baggier over your sports bra when you’re pumping iron in the gym. Loosening things up and ensuring your comfort while working out will increase your confidence and reduce the likelihood of throwing in the towel.

Add some colour 

The gym can be a bit of a bland place at the best of times, which can sap your motivation. So, what better way of adding some inspiration to your routine than wearing colourful and bold clothes as you go for your workout. Interestingly, a study conducted by a former GB athlete found that orange – yes orange – was the perfect colour to go for! This is because orange is said to increase motivation and boost energy levels. The verdict? Colourful activewear is very much the way to go!

To make the most out of your exercise regime, it’s so important to look the part and feel confident when you head to the gym. Look for some inspiration in Chi Chi London’s popular activewear range today to find the workout outfit you’ve been looking for.