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Is Your Husband Addicted To Prescription Drugs?

Prescription drugs are a staple in any household. Millions upon millions up and down the country require a prescription to stay healthy, and those pills are prescribed with a strict dosage from a trained professional.

However, today there’s a real problem with prescription drug addiction, and rehab centres are seeing a large shift from people addicted to the likes of cocaine or cannabis, to more commonly found prescription drugs, most notably opioids.

And it’s not just among older people either, many young professionals and even teenagers are suffering from it. It could happen to anyone, and many families are suffering. That’s leading to many fears that our husbands or partners may be suffering from such addiction, particularly if they have been on prescription drugs for some time. But how do you know if they are addicted?

You won’t be number one priority

Firstly, you may start to notice that they aren’t as loving towards you or you’re not getting the same sort of affection that you used to. That’s because with addiction, the substance in which someone gets addicted becomes the number one priority.

You effectively slip down the pecking order and thoughts lie more with their next dosage and where to get it, rather than bringing you flowers or enjoying cuddles on the sofa.

Of course, there may be other reasons for that too, but it could prove to be a red flag.

Their mood will change quickly and regularly

As with any addiction, mood swings are incredibly common. The chemicals within prescription drugs of an addictive nature will cause imbalances in the brain and effectively lead to people reacting and acting differently as the chemicals begin to work in the brain.

If you’re noticing more unusual and erratic behaviour when it comes to your partner, then it could be a tell-tale sign that something’s not quite right with their consumption of their prescription.

This can particularly be the case if you’re noticing more states of anxiety and depression, as some prescription drugs can have strong side effects of this.

Trying to get multiple prescriptions

Perhaps the biggest sign is changes in their prescription. Rather than simply taking their drugs when told to and picking up a new prescription when they need one, you might find that their prescription is running out more quickly, while also they may be buying drugs online or seeking prescriptions from other doctors.

There is clearly something not quite right if you’re starting to notice this change in behaviour and you should confront them to ensure they get the help they need.