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Is Kratom Different for Women And Men? Dosage and Effects

While men are going around praising and hailing the powerful Kratom, women are not left behind in the testimonials too. Kratom has been widely adopted by both men and women. This development has led to various concern as to the effects of Kratom on sex, and the relationship between them. Does Kratom react differently to different sex? Does the dosage differ? What about side effects? Read this article till the end to find comprehensive and well-detailed answers to these questions. However, note that there are no enough researches to back the claims, as they are based on anecdotal reports from Kratom users and experts. You can contact Kratom Crazy, a trusted Kratom expert, for further information.

Kratom in Men and Woman

Even though Kratom can be used by both genders, online anecdotal sources from Kratom users confirms that Kratom works differently on men and women. The overall effects of Kratom are the same for both of them, but the visibility, duration, and intensity of these effects may vary. This is quite logical, since science supports that the efficacy of the medicines depends more on sex and less on the dose, and the reason is simply because of the differences in the hormones and genes of men and women.

The mechanism of drugs metabolism in the body is different. It applies to herbal medicines – Kratom too. It should not be surprising to see that women are rarely a part of a clinical trial of medicine, simply because there is an assumption of what will work for men will work form women. So, most research is carried out with an often-wrong assumption that men and women are biologically the same, of which Kratom is part of the exceptions of this assumption.

Similar effects of Kratom has been reported by both male and female kratom users, with dissimilarities only in the dose, reactions, and intensity of the effects. The reason why women have different effects is that they have different hormones, body composition, and metabolism.


Reports have it that it takes less dosage for the effect of Kratom to manifest in women.  A little dose of 0.5-1.0g in women would function the same as that of 2.0-3.0g in men. The attention on doses is generally focused on male users. The standard dosage is what works best for men. There is never any standard dosage instructions for women. Even the supposed standard dosage is not fixed for men, as different dosage works on different individuals. The conclusion on dosage for men is based on health status, age, medical conditions, and the kratom strain. When it comes to women, however, these factors include sex.

Another thing to consider is that women possess extra body fats compared to men. Most of the stress relieving medicines that are fat-soluble will act differently in women, which is why a little dosage will react with vigorous intensity in women. For women, more is not better (more is overdosing). Kratom Crazy, a reputable and trusted supplier of Kratom products, advised the user to experiment and determine the perfect level of Kratom all by themselves. Time of intake, quality of Kratom, bodyweight, amount of kratom use, and purity of the kratom consumed are factors that contribute to Kratom dosage determination. It is strongly advisable not to combine or use Kratom with any other medicine.


When it comes to the relationship between Kratom effects and sex, women experience the same impact as men, with the only difference being the intensity of these effects. The reaction time is faster in women than in men, male users may take a little longer time to exhibit the impact. Meanwhile, the effect on low dosage is evident, concise and well-defined in females. Stimulation, energy boost, mood enhancement, happiness, and other Kratom effects a male user will get at a moderate dose can be evident in women at low dosage. Women only need a moderate dose for only higher effects such as stress relief, pain relief, and euphoria. Most of which require a high dosage in males.

The beneficial effects of Kratom in women include mood enhancement, stress reduction, energizing, pain relief, sleep cycle regulation, PMS symptoms relief, menopause symptoms relief, and libido increment.

Side Effects in Women

Women have to be cautious when first using kratom, the first usage should be experimental. Kratom may sometimes hinder the menstrual cycle in female users. It makes the period come early than the due date but helps with the period pains. However, Kratom works excellently for menopause symptoms. It helps to reduce the irritability of mood, hot flashes and night sweats. It brings no side effect for middle to older age women.

Women are advised to hydrate their body when adopting Kratom, as Kratom may cause dehydration in initial experiences.

Women are advised NOT to:

  1. Use Kratom during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  2. Use Kratom under the age of 18
  3. Combine Kratom with any hormonal supplements
  4. Combine Kratom with painkillers
  5. Use Kratom if on a regular medicine
  6. Use Kratom if they suffer from a chronic disease.


Kratom works for both men and women. However, the effect of any drug can also be dependent on the chemistry of the individual, whether male or female. Women usually show the best effects even on a small dose. They can simply get the same benefit for less quantity of Kratom. This makes them suffer less overdosing, and also save up some earnings!